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Fin First Clothing Line - Within the Grove
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Fin First Clothing Line - Within the Grove

Friday eve has never looked better! We’re gearing up for a weekend full of sunshine, much needed rest, and exploring our new town. As I’m sitting here this morning with my favorite coffee mug and watching Oliver play, I quickly realized I haven’t shared with you one of the small businesses I’m obsessed with: Fin First. This family owned business is one after my own heart. They’re based out of my hometown, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and it’s the sweet family of three behind the scenes that makes Fin First one of my favorites.

When an artist, photographer, and a little one destined to get outside and travel the world come together, you get amazing products that are like no other. Each person plays a role in the family business but the most important one is Finn. When he was made the CEO on his first birthday, you’ll quickly see how Fin First is designed to allow Fin to be anything and everything he wants to be. They’re a small business making their mark on the world with their hand drawn illustrations that are painted vividly and placed on their products to be enjoyed by you. And each design has an amazing story about it. Let me show you!

Fin First Onesies - Within the GroveEvery morning you’ll find us either in Oliver’s room or on the back patio while he plays. There are a few things I always have: a cup of coffee, my newest inspirational magazine, and a notebook to write notes in. Which brings me to the coffee mug I use as often as possible. Say hello to my flamingo coffee mug named Isla. Inspired by the Florida Keys, it’s my go to summer mug. 

Fin First Flamingo Coffee Mug - Within the Grove

Since we kept Oliver’s gender a surprise until he arrived, I was ready to add more decor to his nursery. This Let’s Be Adventurous pillow cover is the perfect addition! I’ve always had this dream to buy and flip a little RV or camper. It would give us so much freedom to travel and simply be adventurous. But seriously, look how cut it turned out in his nursery. This pillow cover is a 20″ x 20″ but it also comes in a 16″ x 16″. 

Let's Be Adventurous Pillow by Fin First - Within the Grove

Then there’s the adventure of flipping our home and having our little man along for the ride. We needed some new shirts to flip in style.

Fin First Clothing - Within the Grove

What girl hasn’t dreamed of being a mermaid? So with that said, the Sunny design of a free-spirited mermaid made it into my wardrobe. And with Oliver there was a clear winner. With his name being Oliver Finn, we quickly picked out the Fin First Onesie. And let me tell you, the quality is amazing! The softness of the clothing will have me coming back time and time again. Especially for my little one. 

Fin First Clothing Line - Within the Grove

Fin First strives to make your experience with their products so unqiue. Let me begin with how they hand sew the tags on the clothing with their signature green thread. It’s all in the details that makes this company stand out among all the rest. 

Fin First in Myrtle Beach

Then of course there’s the packaging. If you decide to spoil yourself (or someone you know), the packaging is just as great as the products. Those of you that know me, know that I love receiving mail. So when my package arrived with the products wrapped in a map, a handwritten postcard attached, and a seashell from Myrtle Beach, it gave me all the feels when it comes to snail mail.

Fin First Clothing Line in Myrtle Beach - Within the Grove

And remember, they hand drew and painted every design! Amazing, right? These are just 4 of the 76 designs you can choose from on their site. And not to mention the multiple different products you can order them on. There’s something for everyone no matter if you need it for yourself or for your home. My next goal is to decorate our guest bedroom with a few of their pillow covers. Now, excuse me while I go do a load of laundry so we can rock our shirts again this weekend. 

Fin First in Myrtle Beach

And before I forget, here’s where you can also gush over Fin First. Especially their Instagram where you’ll find amazing images of their products in action. 

Fin First Website
Facebook: Fin First

Instagram: Fin First
Pinterest: Fin First

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