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Farmhouse Decor on Amazon - Within the Grove
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Farmhouse Decor on Amazon - Within the Grove

We just hit our 3 month mark of living in our new home, and I’m pretty sure the delivery drivers know me by now. It’s so easy for that to happen when you’re a member of Amazon Prime. Seriously, best thing ever! Running short on cat food? Amazon. Need a random ingredient because you’re trying a new Paleo meal? Amazon. Need a certain home decor piece but don’t know where to get it? Amazon. I think you’re getting my point. Finding the home decor on Amazon saves SO much time. No more driving from store to store leaving empty handed because you couldn’t find that one item you’re trying to get your hands on. Grab yourself a cup of coffee (or glass of wine), browse around on Amazon from the comfort of your home, and have your new items arrive 1-2 days later if you’re a member of Amazon Prime. I’m giving you a head start by sharing with you my top 10 farmhouse decor finds on Amazon. 

Farmhouse Welcome Sign - Within the Grove


Farmhouse Welcome Sign 

These signs are the perfect addition to any space that needs a warm and welcoming touch. There are also multiple wordings to choose from. 

Find it here





Olive Bucket for Your Wall - Within the Grove

Olive Wall Half Bucket

I love a great olive bucket when decorating for all the seasons. This particular one is unique because it’s made to hang on the wall. Think about the numerous ways you can decorate with this item.

Find it here





Decorative Potted Plant - Within the Grove

Decorative Potted Plant

You’ll find pops of green with the use of potted plants (real and faux) throughout my home. Decorative potted plants are a favorite decor piece of mine to place on shelving or on counter tops. 

Find it here




Farmhouse Storage Basket - Within the Grove

Extra Large Storage Basket

Having a storage basket handy is the perfect solution for blankets, towels, and anything else that needs to be stored. It allows you to organize and store in a decorative way.

Find it here




White Vase as Farmhouse Decor - Within the GroveClassic White Vase

Place a white vase in the middle of a table, shelves, or on top of a piece of furniture to create a timeless farmhouse look. The vase can change with the seasons depending on what you place inside, for example, cotton stems or lavender. 

Find it here




Lavender for Your Home - Within the Grove


Speaking of lavender! Placing faux lavender in your white vase will instantly freshen up any space. It’s perfect for summer. As fall approaches, you can place faux cotton stems to go along with the season.

Find it here




Farmhouse Pillow on Amazon - Within the Grove

Farmhouse Pillow

There’s no such thing as too many pillows. Especially when you can find one on Amazon for $3.99 and it’s this adorable! Perfect to layer with other pillows on your couch, bed, or to place alone in a chair.

Find it here




Tobacco Basket Wall Decor - Within the Grove

Farmhouse Tobacco Basket Wall Decor

I have yet to get my hands on one of these and they’re next on my list. Hang one on the wall and display one by layering it with other decor pieces on top of a dresser or buffet. 

Find it here





Farmhouse Wall Light on Amazon - Within the Grove

Oil Bronzed Wall Light

I installed a light similar to this one in the hallway of my home. LOVE it! It adds so much character to a space. Think beyond the inside of your home. This wall light would also look great on a front porch.

Find it here




Farmhouse Wooden Ladder - Within the Grove

Barnwood Rustic Ladder

Use a rustic ladder to hang blankets, to hang on the wall to display other decor items, to use in your flower garden to grow vines on, and so many other uses. Make sure to find one with a lot of rustic charm.

Find it here





Happy Shopping! 

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