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Hey you guys! Is it Friday yet? It has been one of those long, yet adventurous, weeks. I’ll be spilling all the beans this weekend as to why! I decided to take a break from the work grind and enjoy my kitchen for a baking session and cup of coffee. Both of these things help relax me when I need it the most. Using two of my go to items, a coffee mug and a tea towel, I quickly realized I haven’t shared with you one of my favorite small businesses. 

Say hello to PCB Home. They offer gorgeous hand lettering and neutral color home decor items. I gave you a glimpse into PCB Home when I was styling a Reading Nook for a Decor Daydreams post and sharing my favorite Fall Home Decor. When you’re wanting to show a little of your personality and bring something unique to a space, this is where you need to shop! 

My first purchase was a coffee mug to help jump start my mornings. Being a mother to a 7 month old, coffee is life! I probably have 2-3 cups a day. So needless to say, just about every morning is a top knot morning. When Ryan sees me using this mug, he knows that a second cup of coffee usually follows right after the first cup.

But seriously, how adorable is the hand lettering? I love a unique mug with a bold statement and simple colors. Go ahead and start thinking of that friend of yours that needs it for her first Mother’s Day. 

Then for Christmas I received a tea towel I had been eyeing for awhile. Although the nap doesn’t happen all the time, this teal towel is pretty accurate.  I know you’re wondering how in the world I drink coffee and then take a nap. It happens folks. It happens. It’s called mom life and work from home life. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love the motivation this tea towel gives me in the kitchen to whip up something yummy. Or to be honest, to give a little cuteness to my kitchen!

The best part is that the neutral colors PCB Home uses within their products, it allows them to match just about any color scheme in a home. 

I seriously want one of everything. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep decorating my home with PCB Home products here and there over time.  I encourage you to go browse through their social media and Etsy shop. But make sure you’re giving yourself at least 3o minutes to look. You’ll be hooked. Here’s where you can find PCB Home:

Shop PCB Home Website
Facebook: PCB Home

Instagram: PCB Home
Pinterest: PCB Home
Etsy: PCB Home

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