Breakfast Nook Refresh: Simple Changes, Big Impact

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Our breakfast nook certainly gets a lot of use since it’s in the central part of our home. When we moved into our home we updated the paint, added a table and chairs and placed a piece of artwork on the wall. We kind of turned a blind eye to do anything else and moved on to other parts of our home. I realized the other day how I can do a few simple updates with a huge impact in this space to make it feel more homey and inviting. Here’s where I started:

The first two things I added to the space was a rug and a large gallery wall as Ryan framed out the window. I knew once I got those two things in place I could start filling in with decor and ways to bring the space together. After having so much success with finding exactly what I needed for our spring front porch, I headed right back to Home Centric to see what I could find. And my, oh my, was it a successful trip!

Our breakfast nook has a unique layout that leaves some open space on the wall with the picture frames. To fill it in, I found this amazing side table that I knew would fit perfectly on the wall. The wooden top mixed with the modern black legs is stunning! It was the first thing I spotted when I walked into Home Centric.

As far as decor on top of the new table, I wanted to keep it simple and clean. Knowing I wanted to group something in a set of three, I found two gorgeous pots and a candle to tie in the blue of the chairs. I always group in odd numbers because it’s so visually appealing. And you know I had to add two houseplants in the pots. The rest of the side table was left clear for when we host and need a place to put plates, cups, food, etc.

Now, continuing on the houseplant theme, I knew the space needed even more greenery. There’s something about using plants in your home that makes it feel so welcoming and charming all at the same time. I found these two baskets among so many in Home Centric. The detail and texture of them caught my eye immediately and they’re the perfect touch to our breakfast nook.

Placing them beside the side table, I popped in two more houseplants. Baskets, of course, are great for storage but I love to use them to place plants in. Now, this time I went half real and half faux. In the smaller basket I placed a snake plant which is a very hardy. For the larger basket I wanted a taller plant that went past the table. Since sunlight is limited in this part of the space, I decided to go with a faux fiddle leaf fig tree. And you guessed it, I found it at Home Centric.

I feel like any breakfast nook should have the cute accessories to help serve a delicious breakfast or coffee. I was so impressed with the kitchen accessory selection at Home Centric and found everything I was looking for. From the coffee cups to the to the bamboo cutting board, these items look great on the table or can be placed on the side table. The goal? To allow guests and our family members to easily grab a hot cup of coffee and grab a breakfast treat while they’re at it.

For the finishing touches, I removed the place mats and opted for yet a another simple look of adding a single vase to the center of the table. This particular vase will work seasonally with me just switching out the types of flowers I use.

Lastly, I replaced out our previously white curtain for this gray one which was a last minute find at Home Centric. And get this, it was only $14 for two curtain panels. How could I not give these a try? They tie in with the black legs of the side table and planters on top which helps to bring the whole space together.

So, there you have it! A few simple changes that had a huge impact on our breakfast nook refresh. By keeping things simple and knowing the overall goal, it truly made this refresh one that we love. And if you’re wondering if you have a Home Centric near you, find out here. You’ll be just as thrilled with what you find and at up to 70% off other stores’ prices. I have a feeling you’ll love shopping there just as much as I do.

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  2. Pat says:

    Everything about this space is wonderful! From the pieces you chose (love that side table), to the gallery wall, the vase, and the plants, this simple changes make a big impact! Well done!

  3. Lisa says:

    Love everything about it!!

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