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A week into spring and the freshening up of our home is in full swing! This is my favorite time of year as the weather inspires us to get outside, freshen up our home decor and simply enjoy this season. This week I focused on our front door area that honestly needed a lot of attention. After a quick clean of the space I was ready to dive in with turning it into a spring oasis that welcomes us and guests every time you step up to our front door. Here’s where I started:

As you can tell we don’t necessarily have a front porch but rather a stoop entryway. I wanted to challenge myself to make the most out of the space and to show you how you can do this also if you have a similar entryway. I believe it’s the southern upbringing in me that craves a big front porch. But I’m excited to say I gave our front door a lot of charm and created a statement with just a few items.

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I knew from the beginning I wanted to decorate with flowers and make them the focal point. The biggest challenge was incorporating them like I wanted to with limited space. I took a trip to Home Centric in search of everything that I needed while also staying within a budget since I was decorating an entire space. I’m thrilled to let you know that I left with everything I needed. I’m talking pots, a rug, a wreath and a few other decor items. Let me show you how I put them all together and how you can do the same.


When working with a small space, like our front door, you want to think in layers. Layers create dimension and allow you to incorporate a few more items than you normally would. For example, I decided to place a rug underneath my wooden doormat. It provides a pop of color and makes the space a little cozier. I also picked out a color that will help me transition from spring into summer.

Various Heights

The second thing I layered were the pots which brings me to my next tip: layering with height differences. I knew if I wanted to incorporate a lot of flowers, I needed to use pots that were at various heights. I was able to group them in a set of three on each side of the door. I was beyond thrilled when I found the cement pots on wooden legs and the modern white flower pots at Home Centric. And priced to where I could affordably get all six. I couldn’t get them in my cart fast enough.

They beautifully came together and you can see how the different heights allowed for more pots in the space. Not only that, but each one is visible to where they can each show off with the amazing design they bring to the front porch. The neutral pallet of gray and white also allows the flowers to pop without them having to compete with a colorful design on the pots.


I probably made four different trips to my local home improvement store’s garden center to pick out flowers for the pots. I knew I had a lot that I needed to grab with the number of pots I was using and the size of them. You can check out my post here that shows what types of plants to get in order to create beautiful pots for your home.

My biggest tip for you when picking out flowers, because they can get pricey, are two things. First thing you can do is browse the clearance section in the garden center. For me, this was at Lowe’s. I was able to purchase all of these flowers for 75% off which allowed me to focus my budget on other areas of the front porch. The second option if you’re not sure you’ll be able to keep them all alive through the spring season is going with faux flowers. Home Centric had so many amazing options where you could incorporate faux flowers in your front porch instead. I’ll keep you updated on how my flowers thrive in their new space.

Additional Decor

Now that you have your staple pieces in place, you’ll then want to fill in with additional spring decor to bring the entire space together. Of course, we needed a wreath! There were several to choose from at Home Centric but I went with this one that provided such a pretty pop of color. Anything more neutral, I was afraid it would blend in with the door. It pulls from the colors of the flowers and balances everything out.

Since I’m working with a smaller space and filled it with these gorgeous pots, I knew there wouldn’t be much more room for anything else. But what I did incorporate was this adorable rabbit that fit perfectly in front of the pots. The weathered moss look provides texture and ties in with the greenery of the flowers. Plus, I mean, it’s an adorable spring piece!

Make the Most of Your Decor

As we enter into the spring season and look forward to the summer days ahead, I want you to keep that in mind with your spring front porch. I want you to make the most out of your space and it not be overwhelming with the changing seasons. With that said, incorporate a few spring items and other items that will work for both spring and summer.

For example, like I mentioned before, my rug will easily transition into summer. My pots will also transition seasonally with just a quick switch out of the plants to go with the season.  You can have fun with your wreath and other smaller decor pieces when you want to switch things up.

So, there you have it! With just a few key pieces, I was able to create my version of a southern front porch using a small space. I hope this inspires and helps you create a spring front door or porch that you’ll also love this spring season! I’m even more excited with how budget friendly it was by picking out items from my local Home Centric. I’d love for you to share your front porch with me so make sure to tag me on social media so I can celebrate you and share your design!

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