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Can you believe that it’s already March? The first official day of spring is just a few days away which means spring cleaning has been taking place from floor to ceiling in my home. It’s exhausting but feels so good to get it done! Ryan and I also hosted our neighborhood’s 1st Annual Community Yard Sale where we were able to clear out most of our clutter. It also left me with a blank slate in a few spaces of our home which leads me to my newest coffee table book: Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color by Moll Anderson.

This book is a game changer when it comes to adding color to your home decor! No longer fear the use of bright color with the help of Moll Anderson. She’s an interior designer (among other things) setting out to inspire changes and setting the mood among your home and life using pops of color. In her newest book, you’ll be surprised at the personal connections you have with color choices and how you can instantly make changes in your home and even your wardrobe. So, are you wondering about your own color story? Here are some of the amazing details of Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color.

About the Book

Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color provides plenty of inspiration when it comes to exploring 13 different color choices each within their own chapter. You’ll read about color solutions, how to incorporate a “Pop of Color” in your home design, and you’ll get to know Moll on a personal level through her stories and lessons about her life when it comes to color. 

We often hear that actions speak louder than words. Well, I have a new one for you! Color speaks louder than words. It’s usually the first thing that you notice upon entering a room or greeting an individual. With the simple use of color you can transform your home, life, mood, and over all well-being. Moll’s newest book, which also has guided journal pages, will help you discover the colors you love, colors you didn’t know you love, and why you might shy away from certain hues. 

It’s amazing the emotional connection we have with colors based on personal experiences and memories. Just take a look around your home. What colors are present? What color isn’t present at all? There’s a reason why! In Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color, Moll helps you understand why you adore certain colors and have a distaste for others. In order to discover your own color story, you have to learn which colors you need to help revamp your home and life (and possibly do away with).

In case you didn’t know, Moll Anderson also has a book titled The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up where she helps make the connection between organization and joy. Seems like my spring cleaning does bring joy! She’s now sharing how your color choices are linked to your mood. Moll stated, “I become interested in color when I discovered that it was not only a reflection of my mood, but my state of being. I looked around and saw I was living in black and white, and I realized I was hiding. In this book I share the transformational elements of my own journey with color to help you transform your personal color story.”

Who Should Read It

If you’re looking to add a touch of color to your home and life for a change in energy or inspiration, there’s defiantly something for everyone in Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color to inspire you to live each day more colorfully. This book will give you inspirational color ideas when it comes to clothing, styling, home decor items, furniture, indoor and outdoor spaces, flowers, and festive drinks.  Each colorful chapter also includes a few pages of real life photos to show you how you can easily incorporate color into your life. Do like I did and grab a pen and notebook to jot down additional ideas outside of the journal pages provided!

The Takeaway

Adding color to your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It isn’t something that happens overnight. Take your time and carry this book through each space in your home like my husband caught me doing. Your color choices matter. They alter your mood in a positive way, evoke great memories, and also impact your behavior and emotions. It’s important to allow color to play a roll in your home and life! 

My Results: Time to Take Action!

Earlier in the post you saw a portion of the journal pages I filled out within the book. The questions Moll came up with really had me questioning myself on why my home is mainly neutrals. They also helped me narrow down which colors I tend to gravitate towards for when I want to add color to my home and which ones I completely avoid. I immediately realized that green is my favorite color yet I don’t have any decor pieces reflecting that. What’s interesting is that at one point my office was painted a green hue and I hated it.  The design style of the green hues within the #BalancingGreen chapter helped me realize which green hues are better suited for my home.

I also realized very quickly that I have an eye for blue and mint. They provide such a comforting and peaceful atmosphere when introduced to my home design. The color I simply can’t decorate with? Yellow! I’ll have to play around with a few of Moll’s ideas to see if I can start to slightly like yellow. Flowers might be a great place to start.

When you understand the color that’s meant for you, it impacts your mood, behavior, and emotions. We can certainly turn this into something positive and create a movement with color. When a color is powerful enough to evoke memories and emotions, then welcome that color into your home! It’s time to create your own color story and to embrace color. 

About the Author

You’ve probably seen Moll Anderson in multiple places. She’s a well-known author, radio and television host, inspirational interior designer, life stylist, and advocate for women and children globally. It seems as if she does it all and does it with her own color stories. Her passion speaks for itself with winning an Emmy, a three-time recipient of the Gracie Awards, being chosen as Donna Karan’s Women Who Inspire, and so many other achievements. 

Moll’s influence on lifestyle and interior design has been widely embraced by readers of her four home and lifestyle books. She continues to inspire others outside of her books by contributing regularly to The Doctors television show and appearing on Access Hollywood Live, The Talk, Good Morning America, and The Today Show. If you’re not much of a TV person, she’s been featured in InStyle, Cosmopolitan, USA Today, and Huffington Post’s Women in Business.

What I love the most about Moll Anderson is that she’s a dedicated philanthropist. In Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color, she shows you on a personal level how she is involved with UNICEF. Moll shares UNICEF’s belief that when you focus on education, it can help break the cycle of poverty. So with that, The Moll Anderson Endowed Scholarship was established at the University of Tennessee for single parents to pursue their education while also caring for their children. You can just go ahead and give me Moll’s color stories, because she balances it all so beautifully!

Where to Find the Book: Get the Inside Scoop

Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color now has a permanent spot on my home desk and coffee table depending on where I’m working. It’s instant inspiration for my home, business, and personal life when it comes to color.

Here’s the great news! You can get your hands on your own book when it launches March 14, 2017! It will be sold exclusively at Target,, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million. 

Until then, here’s a little more color inspiration with Moll Anderson to help give you a head start.

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If you plan on reading Change Your Home, Change Your Life™ with Color, please make sure to come back and leave a comment on what you thought about the book. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it and to see what you think! And of course to see the beautiful spaces you create. 

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