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Hello Monday! With the gorgeous weather we’ve been getting in Florida, it has certainly given me spring fever a little earlier this year. This past weekend was spent planting new flowers, pulling weeds, and cleaning up our outdoor spaces. It felt amazing working in the sunshine! There’s one area of our yard that I want to eventually do a complete makeover on: our AC unit and the surrounding area. It’s such an eye sore compared to the other things we’ve done so far in our yard.  The struggle in this area is real! Just take a look:

For now I thought it would make the perfect Decor Daydreams post until we can save up to complete this project. I’m all about hiding the AC unit with an adorable fence and actually making this an area to enjoy. Plus, there’s the added bonus of partially making over the side yard that leads to this area. Wouldn’t you agree this part of our home needs a little attention!? Here are the essential items I would love to add to this space to spruce it up.

1. Our side yard doesn’t get a lot of sun throughout the day which means grass won’t grow. This stunning wooden walkway would be the perfect path to lead to our backyard. It’s also where you find our AC unit. Funk Junk Interiors shows us exactly how she created this pallet wood walkway.

2. I’m all about finding an old wooden ladder and filling it with flowers and succulents! It would also be super easy to change the plants out with the seasons. 

3. Now for my favorite part of this Decor Daydreams: the horizontal fence. This fence is designed to hide the AC unit so that it’s no longer an eye sore and to add a fun design piece to the space. The fence can be built along the front and the right side of the unit.  By leaving the left side open, it allows access if needed. I love the look of this fence! 

4. River Jack Pebbles provide excellent drainage with rain water and adds a great neutral design to any yard space. They’re very clean looking and blend with many different types of exteriors and colors. Since grass doesn’t grow in this space, they are the perfect addition for ground cover.

 5. Gardening has become my favorite thing to do around my home. If I can add greenery within my designs, I’m definitely going to. I love the appeal and look of adding metal planter boxes to the front of the horizontal fence. It gives the fence another purpose besides hiding the AC unit. 

Do you have an area of your yard that needs a makeover or an AC unit that needs to be hidden? I would love to see what you have done! I can’t wait to start on my design whenever that will be. Thank you so much for joining me today! 

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