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When you hear about a new home improvement store that incorporates DIY, home, and garden, your home project loving heart gets all the feels. What’s even better is being able to check it out to give you all of the amazing details!

What is Orchard Supply Hardware?

Say hello to Orchard Supply Hardware! They are a California based store quickly making their way into numerous locations in Florida. The most recent one in Bayhill Plaza of Orlando. Orchard is your neighborhood store with a general store feel. It’s as if Lowe’s and Whole Foods combined to give you one amazing store! Their main objective is to give you the resources to complete fun and quick home projects that help reflect your personal style and to create a happy home. It’s one of the many reasons I adore this store! 

What does Orchard Supply provide?

They provide everything you need for home improvement with their own little twist! Like with the picture above, they have their own Workbench where you can relax while they help you with the hard work. Have a hole in your window screen? Rest easy, they’ll help you fix it! Need to cut something but you don’t have the right tool? Orchard does and they’ll cut it for you!

Let’s talk about one of my favorite areas: the nursery. If you go in the evening, you’re guaranteed an amazing sunset as you browse.

But that’s not the best part. Orchard provides a Potting Bench for customers to use. Look how adorable it is:

With the experts there to help you, you can walk away with a flower already potted. Simply pick out a pot, your favorite plant, and the experts will help you plant it for free. Seriously, forget the large bag of soil where you don’t even use half of it and you can display your potted plant right when you get home. Then Orchard takes it one step further. Their plants have a lifetime guarantee. So if your green thumb isn’t quite green yet, just bring the plant back and they’ll replace it!

Now, let me chat about the inside. More specifically the spray paint aisle. Not just a portion of the aisle, but the entire aisle consists of spray paint. It’s a dream come true with my spray paint loving heart. It seriously doesn’t stop. It keeps going. 

With their own paint counter, Orchard is able to provide paint samples in adorable little cans (with a $5 coupon so it’s basically free after your first purchase) and unique lines of paint.

Their most unique paint line is the Affinity Collection by Benjamin Moore. There are 144 harmonious paint colors which means you can pair all of the colors together flawlessly. This is possible due to the saturation of the colors complementing each other and allows them to flow naturally from room to room. 

Orchard Supply Hardware also provides 45,000 high quality items which is just as much, if not more, than your average Home Depot or Lowe’s minus the lumber. You would never know with their small town feel. They also organize each area of the store with the cutest signs and colored walls. Red for your trinkets (nuts and bolts), yellow for plumbing and lighting, and green for garden/outdoor.

Along with the nursery, Orchard provides furniture to create the ultimate outdoor living space with the best accessories to spruce it up! Not to mention I kept looking over my shoulder for the Scott Brothers since Orchard carries their line,Scott Living.

How are they different?

Orchard Supply Hardware is different from other home improvement stores because they strive to connect with their community in a meaningful way. They not only host DIY project nights, free educational clinics, and hardware happy hours, but they have experts to assist you. You won’t bounce around from one person to another to find an answer. Each section of the store has an expert who is there to help you. You save time, money, and might even gain a new idea for your latest DIY. Every expert I met from Dave in plumbing, to Monica giving me my amazing tour, to Peggy who made me feel right at home, made a great personal impression as if we have always been friends. 

Sneak Peak Night // Meet the Team of Orchard Supply Hardware of Orlando

So, this leads me to the amazing night spent at Orchard Supply Hardware that was an absolute blast.

Everywhere I ventured there was something amazing to look at or do. I immediately wanted to start the projects that have been lingering on my home to-do list, but first I needed to have a little fun exploring my new favorite home improvement store. From shirt making to planting my own cute little succulent, Orchard seemed to have it going on! 

Where can you find Orchard Supply Hardware?

You’re bound to have an amazing time when you visit Orchard Supply Hardware. You’ll also be greeted by the nicest team that go over and beyond to help you find what you need. 

If you’re local to the Orlando area, you can find them in the Bayhill Plaza off of Turkey Lake Road. There are also locations in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, and Weston/Sunrise. And surprise! A new location will be opening in Winter Park this August! You can also find them on Facebook and using #OrchardFlorida. Now that I’ve told you all about my favorite store, I’m going to go spread the adorable Florida Wildflowers and enjoy a few other goodies from Orchard Supply Hardware. 

Let me know what you think when you check them out! What will be your first home improvement project?

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