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Today I’m sharing with you another Target One Spot find and turning it into home decor for you to enjoy. The One Spot has been filled with Valentine’s Day decor since Christmas ended. I figured it was about time I snagged a few of my favorite items before they are gone for good. One of the items I grabbed was the hanging gold picture frame. Although it’s adorable just the way it is, I wanted to turn it into something more permanent with gold and calligraphy flair. Hello gold calligraphy frame!

Have you ever seen tutorials where they show you how to write faux calligraphy, yet your results still don’t look how you want them to? I have a few of those tutorials on here but this time I want to make it super easy with great results! Since this picture frame opens up with a glass window on the front and back, it’s the perfect opportunity to use your favorite font on a piece of paper, place it between the two pieces of glass, and trace the quote on the frame. You’ll have the perfect handwritten quote in calligraphy. We’re going old school with this one and with amazing results! 

I’ve provided for you today three different quotes that you can use for your frame. They made me think of myself and friends that love to have a night in, works from home and thrives on that cup of coffee, and a general home decor quote that will look cute anywhere.

This DIY project just got a little better. Since this frame has two glass panes, you can paint two different quotes. So depending on your mood for the day, pick the quote that matches by simply flipping the frame.

Click the image below of the quote you want and print!

Let’s get started on this quick and budget friendly gold calligraphy frame. 


Hanging Gold Frame from the One Spot || Your Favorite Quote || White Paint Pen || Scissors || Printer || Gold Paint || Paintbrush || Tape

The How-To:

Step 1: Cut out the provided quote so that it fits in the frame.

Step 2: Place the quote on the inside of the frame. Use a piece of tape to secure it and to make sure it stays centered. Close the frame.

Step 3: Using the white paint pen, trace over the wording on the glass.

Step 4: Let the quote dry and apply a second quote using the white paint pen.

Step 5: Once the quote has fully dried, open your frame and paint the back of the glass gold that you just wrote on. To get a solid look, I had to apply three coats of gold paint. 

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 if you want a quote on the other side also.

Step 7: Your frame is now ready to hang!

Make sure to put it in a spot where you can see it every day in your home. It’s meant to give you feel good feelings and motivation throughout your day. I think it turned out adorable! This frame was only $5 in the Target One Spot, and I had the other materials at home. If I had to buy everything, it would cost less than $10. Talk about a great piece of home decor for that price!

Which quote or quotes will you be painting on your picture frame? Share with me in the comments below or tag me on Instagram. I’m all about sharing great ideas and celebrating the completion of a DIY project! Until next time!

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