Planning Our 1st Valentine’s Day Breakfast as a Family of 3

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This year Valentine’s Day just got a little sweeter. It’s our first one as a family of 3! I can’t believe that our little Oliver Finn will be 5 months old as we celebrate. Where does time go? With that said, I want to be present for every moment and create wonderful memories as much as I can. This Valentine’s Day will be our 1st annual Valentine’s Day Breakfast. How fun does that sound!? There are so many fun tutorials and elements that went into creating this special holiday table and I can’t wait to share them all with you today!

According to Facebook the other day, I’ve been friends with my husband for 9 years. We laugh about it though because we were friends on Myspace before that (I know, telling my age). One thing we have always done is give each other a card for every special occasion. You should see the cards we have after 9 years together! Now, this year we get to add another card for Oliver. Look at how cute these are that I found by American Greetings

I wanted to do something a little different as a new family with our cards this year. Instead of putting them in an envelope, they’ll become the focal point of our Valentine’s Day inspired breakfast table. I can’t wait to see my family sit down and try and figure out which card is theirs. Of course, Oliver will need a little help. The main card in the middle is for Ryan. I thought this one was perfect for him because a lot of our marriage is built on laughter.

Oliver will receive his first official Valentine’s Day card and Ryan will also receive one from little Ollie. I plan on keeping Oliver’s cards every year. Who knows, maybe past cards will always become part of the table decorations. What I love most about using these American Greetings cards is the fact that they’ll be surrounded by a beautiful eucalyptus garland as they display thoughtful and caring words. It will certainly make for a bright and cheerful morning for everyone! 

I added a lot of gold and glittery elements to my table and using my go to table runner: wrapping paper. It’s inexpensive and such an easy clean up! 

Of course there are also pops of Valentine’s Day themed items throughout.

Now, let me tell you about my favorite decor pieces and how you can make them too! When it comes to American Greetings, I didn’t stop with just the cards. As I was looking for the perfect ones for my family, I noticed that American Greetings also carries festive stickers and tissue paper! Oh, the things that I can make with just these items.

For my most festive piece of the breakfast table, I created tissue pom poms and heart garland hanging from the ceiling. Oliver has already been staring in amazement. It has certainly given me all the heart eyes! These items were made out of three things: American Greetings tissue paper, stickers, and string I had at home. 

Here’s how to make both!

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

1. Gather your American Greetings tissue paper. 2. Grab your scissors and choice of string. 3. Fold your tissue paper in 1 inch sections like an accordion. 4. Fold all the way until you get one strip. 5. Tie a string tightly around the middle.

6. Tie another long piece of string to the middle. You will hang your tissue pom pom with this string. 7. Round off both ends using your scissors. 8. Fan out both sides of the folded tissue paper. 9. Separate the sheets of tissue paper and fluff. 10. Your tissue pom poms are ready to hang!

Festive Heart Garland

1. Cut a long piece of string. Press an American Greetings heart sticker onto the string. 2. Turn the string over and secure another heart sticker directly to the back of the 1st sticker placed on the string. Repeat steps 1-2 until the string is covered  to your liking. 3. Using clear tape, attach the strings in various spots on the ceiling above the table. 

Of course with this being a Valentine’s Day breakfast, you need delicious food. The heart cinnamon rolls are adorable on their own but I knew I wanted to dress up my mini pancakes with Valentine’s Day in mind. 

My second set of American Greetings stickers came to the rescue!  It’s a 5 minute diy decoration that will turn your mini pancakes into an adorable part of the table decor. Want to make some of your own? I don’t blame you! Here’s how: 

Mini Pancake Toppers

1. Gather toothpicks and your American Greetings heart stickers. 2. and 3. Securely press a sticker on both sides of the tooth pick. 4. Press the hearts together and they are ready to be placed on the mini pancakes. 

Finally, I wanted to make my table feel personal and with a keepsake my family can hold onto along with the cards. That’s when I created name place cards out of gift tags and the heart stickers.  I love how they can be used as a bookmark after the Valentine’s Day breakfast is over. Here are the details for this quick project: 

Name Place Cards

1. Gather gift tags and your American Greetings heart stickers. 2. Start sticking the heart stickers randomly at the bottom of the gift tag. 3. and 4. Continue until the bottom portion is completely covered with hearts. 5. Trim the edges of the gift tag for a clean finish. 6. Write the name on the front of the gift tag and place on the table setting. 

Have I inspired you to host your very own Valentine’s Day breakfast? I know what you’re probably thinking. How am I going to have time for this? Managing schedules, personal and professional, doesn’t have to be hard especially for Valentine’s Day! I have the perfect solution for you. Before I started creating my table, I wrote out what I needed on this shopping list provided by American Greetings so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. With a quick look at my calendar and the best time to go, I was on my way to creating one festive table. 

And you can too! The best part is that you can download this Valentine’s Day shopping list for free here! But not only that, take a look at what else you can download for free from American Greetings to get your whole home and work space festive and organized for Valentine’s Day:

Mobile and Desktop Wallpaper

Printable 8 x 10 Valentine’s Day Quote

February Calendar

Shopping List with Tear-Off “Love Notes”

With Valentine’s Day on a Tuesday, give yourself a few days to get prepared and to set up your table. That way when Valentine’s Day morning rolls around, all you have to do is prepare the breakfast. Which free downloads will you be using to make life a little easier? Don’t wait any longer and head to American Greetings to download and print your Valentine’s Day goodies today. I would love to see how you incorporate these items into your everyday schedule! You’ll also want to click here to find out where you can find the closest location that sells American Greetings products to make your table decor.

I hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s Day breakfast table! I can’t wait to use it February 14th as we celebrate for the first time as a family of 3. It will certainly be the sweetest morning ever!

Need a little more inspiration on how to incorporate Valentine’s Day decor using American Greetings products? Here’s more just for you!

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  1. fwiwJeannie says:

    Everything is adorable, Yes, you’ve inspired me.

  2. What a beautiful setup! I love how you used the stickers and tissue paper to make something awesome. Such great ideas in this post! The cards and the printables are so cute!!! Thank you for sharing! -client

  3. I cannot tell you how much I love all these ideas! I will be borrowing MANY of them for upcoming celebrations in our home! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your husband and baby. What a special time for you as a family! #client

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