Creating a Patio That’s an Extension of Your Home

Creating an outdoor living space with plenty of seating.
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Outdoor patio space to enjoy with friends and family.

We truly thought our patio was going to be the last space completed and one that we wouldn’t get to for a little while when we first moved in. Even though it was one of the main reasons we fell in love with this home. But, wouldn’t you know, our outdoor patio has become one of the first spaces in our home that we can officially say is done. Well, for now because you know we’ll never truly be done with any space. It all started with this corner of the patio that gave us our first seating area. You can see the cute little changes we made to it when we moved in here.

Design your own outdoor patio space on a budget,

We spend every morning out here. Me with a cup of coffee and Oliver pushing his toy cars around in his pajamas. Then morning turns into eating lunch out on the patio, playing with water toys when it’s too hot to be in the direct sunlight, and ending our days reading books out here. And of course Ryan and I enjoy a little quiet time out here once Oliver is in bed. It only made sense to continue to furnish and complete our patio area since it has truly become an extension of our living space.

Design your own outdoor patio space on a budget,

Here’s a look at our patio the day we moved in without any furniture or decor. The space intimidated me at first because I’ve never had a patio area this spacious (there’s an additional screened in area and smaller patio on the other side).

Our patio before the makeover.

Our patio before the makeover.

I knew I would have to be patient to decorate this patio space because it wasn’t a priority. And let’s be honest, outdoor anything isn’t necessarily budget friendly when it comes to decor and furniture.

Design your own outdoor patio space on a budget.

A few things happened to make this space possible while staying within our budget. We were able to furnish this space in a year due to a mixture of clearance finds, thrifting adventures, receiving a few items in exchange for sharing with all of you, and finding a few items that were priced within our budget. Our patio space certainly didn’t happen overnight and it took a lot of patience to wait for the right items at the right price.

Design your own outdoor patio space on a budget.

I’m going to show you each finished area of our patio but also spilling all the details about where we found everything. You’ll be shocked at the price that we paid for a few things. It shows that if you enter a space with a little patience and general idea of what you’d like, you can make things happen within budget.

Design your own outdoor patio space on a budget.

Sitting Area off of our Master Bedroom

Let’s start with the patio area off of our master bedroom. This was the first completed space within our patio because it was the easiest for me to visualize.  I tend to do better starting with smaller spaces and working my way out to the larger areas. My favorite part about this space? The thrifted coffee table I found. Several people were eyeing it but I knew it would be perfect for my space. I became the lucky new owner because I wrote sold on a sticky note and placed it on the table as I ran to the front to pay. Keep that little trick in mind when you’re thrifting!

Creating a comfortable outdoor living space.

Blue and White Polywood Bench – Received from Target in exchange for review.
Outdoor Pillow – Target clearance
Side Tables – We already owned these. They’re from Lowe’s and have been spray painted a few times over the years.
Table – $20 thrift find
Rug – Target Clearance
Floor Poufs – I splurged on these. $29 from Ikea and can also be stacked.
Hanging Boston Ferns– Home Depot purchased in the hanging pots to save money.

Main Sitting Area

Then we have another seating area as you walk out onto the patio from the dining room and main living area of our home. Originally we wanted to place a long outdoor dining room table here but it didn’t make sense with it being right next to the sliding glass doors of the dining room. Turning this into another area for friends and family to relax was such a great choice.

Creating an outdoor living space with plenty of seating.

Outdoor Couch and Club Chair – Received from Target in exchange for review.
Rug – Target summer sale
Outdoor Pillows – Target summer sale
Outdoor Blanket – Target summer sale
Tables – Walmart (2 side tables placed together to create a larger table.)
Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees – Walmart (A steal at $13 each)

Corner Patio

The corner patio has become such a dreamy space. It connects to my office which is great because I can see Ryan and Oliver having an amazing time on the patio as I get work done from inside.  I use the patio area during nap time and in the evenings to get work done with how relaxing it is. You’ll be shocked to see what this area cost us after stalking Target for a good week.

Small outdoor patio space.

Club Chairs – Scored these for 95% off at Target bringing them to $90 for both!
Rug – Target (1 of 2 items I paid full price for)
Side Table – $5 thrift store find
Ferns – $2 clearance at Lowe’s
Olive Tree – $5 clearance at Lowe’s

Screened in Area

There’s also the open, screened in area of our patio. This has been the catch all with the outdoor furniture from our previous home. Although it’s functional this is the last area that will get a makeover. For now, it serves it’s purpose but I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Here’s where we found a few of the items in this space.

Outdoor Table – Found by the side of the road
Chairs Target clearance
Hibiscus Trees – Estate Sale
Bench– Target
Pillows– Hand sewn

Lighting and Outdoor Fans

Lastly, we couldn’t forget about the outdoor lighting and ceiling fans. The condition of the ceiling fans when we moved in made it to where they couldn’t even be turned on. Let alone, with the wilting blades, they weren’t that great to look at either. So I de-cluttered, sold a few items on Facebook Marketplace and paid for new fans. We found these at Lowe’s for $99 each and couldn’t believe the price! We were also beyond thrilled to partner with Lamps Plus for our outdoor lighting. It seriously took a good three days to finalize what we wanted because their selection is so amazing! We ended up going with the Arrington Wall Light for a modern look.

Extending your living area to your outdoor patio.

Who wants to come hang out for a fun evening on our patio?! Now that we have it 90% completed, I want to have a few friends and family over to enjoy this gorgeous summer season as we grill out. I have plenty of seating and it just might motivate me to try and figure something out with the middle part of our patio. Maybe a decorative way to store outdoor toys, a potting area for my gardening needs, or an outdoor bar. If you have any suggestions, send them my way! I’d love to hear.

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