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Making over patio tables for a pop of color.I’ve prepped the wood, purchased the citronella candles, and gathered the outdoor lights to start enjoying our new outdoor patio space with the cooler weather that is finally arriving here in Central Florida.  I realized a few weeks ago that we would need tables to set between our newly stained chairs to place our drinks and candles while enjoying our fire pit.  I searched my favorite online stores,  HomeGoods {my happy place}, and thrift stores with no luck to find my Moroccan inspired tables.  That’s until I remembered our local Lowe’s.  They have the perfect outdoor patio tables that match the style I was looking for.

Patio Tables from Lowe's before they are painted.The only problem was that they were not the color I was looking for.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the black color, but I already had enough black with the chairs and fire pit on my patio.  I knew spray paint was about to become my sidekick once again.  I debated between a mint/teal color or a mustard yellow.  Being that I have teal throughout my home, I went for something different and decided on the yellow.  Valspar offers the perfect mustard yellow that’s an outdoor and anti-rust spray paint meant for a metal surface.

Using Valspar Outdoor Spray Paint in mustard yellow

I started by placing the table upside down on a piece of cardboard and spray painting the inside of the table {just 1 coat}.  Once the paint was dry, I turned the table back over to spray paint the sides and top.  Spray painting two tables I went through 3 cans of spray paint due to having to paint 3 coats for a smooth and solid finish.  It surprised me with how much spray paint I had to use!

Patio Tables

I let the tables dry overnight before applying the clear gloss lacquer.  Valspar came through with the win again for this part of the project! I used the high gloss lacquer for metal that also had a fast drying time.

Using Valspar High Gloss to seal paint on the patio tables.

Two coats and one hour later, my new yellow tables were finally finished.  I can’t believe the difference spray paint and a few hours of my time made with these metal tables.

Patio Tables from Lowe's after the spray paint.

They are a great addition to our outdoor space and provide the perfect splash of color.  Now to invite friends and family over to enjoy the new space!
Creating new patio tables

Adding tables to a patio space.

Outdoor Patio Space with new tables using spray paint

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