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Coffee BarA day without coffee is a very unproductive day for me! I’m a simple gal when it comes to coffee: hazelnut flavor, no sugar, no cream, and cooled just a little.  I have my travel mug, my mugs for work, and a slightly obnoxious collection of coffee mugs at home {that I love}.   My husband doesn’t drink coffee as much as me, but has his routine of his morning coffee once he gets to work.  The saying, “But first, coffee”, must have been created with me in mind.

After this confession of mine, I do believe a coffee bar would be perfect in my home.   This is a decor daydream post, right??  I have the perfect amount of space in my dining room but recently I thought it would be fun to convert my breakfast nook into a coffee bar area.

Breakfast nook area to place a coffee bar.

We have a wonderful area with our counter space where we can easily add bar stools to create a new sitting area.  We could then take the table out of this space.  This would leave the far wall open {where the chalkboard is} to place a coffee bar/buffet.  Add a rug to the space and hello Rishel Coffee Shop! With the decor and furniture ideas picked out above, this space would instantly be ‘open for business’ and add a fun space to our home!  Here are the items I picked out:

1. Pendant lights add so much character!  I would have to move my orb light to another space because there is no way I could get rid of it!  I could also place the pendant lights over the counter top bar space.

2. I recently purchased the book, The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering, and would love to put my new skills to work on a bigger chalkboard!  Of course it would display everything coffee!

3. Back to my coffee mug collection that I’m obsessed with.  I need one of these coffee racks ASAP to display all of their character and happiness they bring to my morning routine!

4. We love building furniture for our home.  This rustic buffet not only matches our living room coffee table and end tables, but it’s perfect to store/display our coffee supplies.  I love Ana White’s furniture plans!

5. My girl, Jessa, has the perfect print for my future coffee area in her etsy shop: Flax and Wool Designs.  I may or may not already have this print.

6. I’ve been eyeing a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree at my local nursery, Lukas Nursery, for awhile now.  I finally took the plunge and purchased one yesterday that you can see here on my Instagram.  The Brunette One’s blog post provides a lot of inspiration on how you can display your own!

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