Creating a Safer Home with First Alert

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Thank you First Alert for sponsoring this post. First Alert 10-year sealed battery alarms offer hassle-free protection that helps keep your home and family protected for a decade! #LiveWithA10

Since moving into our home almost two years ago, I formed a bad habit I didn’t realize I had until now: not checking and replacing our fire alarms as regularly as I should. I assumed as long as I pressed the test button on the alarm and it beeped (or waited until the beep notified me to change the batteries), I was fine.

But I didn’t stop to think how old they actually were. Since this home is over 25 years old, there’s no telling the age of the fire alarms. Alarms, even if the batteries are working, should be replaced at least every 10 years. So, what did I do? I started making our home safer for our family by replacing fire alarms using the First Alert 10-year Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

These 10 year sealed battery alarms offer hassle-free protection that help to keep your home and family protected for a decade. This means, at least for the next 10 years, I won’t have to worry about the fire alarms chirping in the middle of the night. I’ll never forget doing the army crawl into my toddler’s bedroom as the alarm started chirping and somehow getting the fire alarm off the wall in the dark without waking him up.

I know in a lot of states, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are mandatory by law in your home. Not sure about your state? Check the requirements here. You just might be surprised! Even if it isn’t mandatory in your state, I encourage you to still have one. It’s also about protecting your family not only from smoke, but from carbon monoxide as well. A carbon monoxide alarm could have saved a trip to the hospital for my younger brother years ago due to carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas fireplace. He’s okay! But it could have been much worse and certainly something you don’t want to have to go through.

My goal is to install a 10-year Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm in every room of our home. They’re 2-in-1 protection against smoke and carbon monoxide. We should all truly do this in every room on every level in our homes. Especially when it takes just minutes to install each one. I’ll walk you through the quick steps as I install the 10-Year Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Alerts in the playroom. Since this room is in the central part of the home and one we spend a lot of time in, this alarm is perfect in here since it will let us know the type and location of danger in our home.

How to Install a First Alert Fire Alarm:

First you’ll need to hold the mounting bracket against the ceiling or wall so the two clusters of universal mounting holes are aligned approximately at the 9:00 and 3:00 o’clock positions. Chose one set of holes and mark in the center of each hole with a pencil.

You’ll drill a hole using a 3/16″ drill bit so that you can securely insert the plastic anchors followed by installing the screws. Don’t screw them in all the way!

Attach the mounting bracket by aligning the screws. Tighten the screws until their snug on the bracket. Make sure not to over tighten.

You’ll also need to write the date of activation on the back of the alarm before installing it. Just think, you won’t have to do this for another 10 years. Don’t worry! This alarm has an end-of-life warning to let you know when to replace it.

Mount the alarm to the bracket to activate it. Once the alarm is activated, it can’t be turned off.

Installation is that quick and simple. I installed the second alarm in our office space since there wasn’t a single one in there. Installation is only the beginning. I want you to keep in mind to test your alarms regularly, remember to replace them every 10 years, replace batteries every 6 months if you don’t go with the 10-year sealed battery and plan/practice an escape route with your family.

As a family, we take so much pride and pour so much energy into our home to make it our safe place. But we need to actually make it safe and First Alert is certainly helping with that! And I want you to do the same by protecting your family with 10-year Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms. It’s time to Live with a 10!

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