Houseplants You Can’t Kill

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Bringing the outdoors in through the use of plants is my favorite way of creating a welcoming and joyful space in any part of a home. I’m talking about the kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, living room, literally any spot where a little sunlight shines. There are so many benefits of having houseplants in your home besides the beauty they bring like improving air quality, lowering stress levels and even help lowering background noise if you have noisy neighbors.

But are you concerned about that black thumb of yours? Have you had a track record of plants dying as soon as you look at them? I say this because I’ve been there. I still can’t figure out succulents. I know, I know. They’re the easiest plants to keep alive. But I do have a few houseplants that I not only have managed to keep alive for 6 months now, but they’re thriving! One I’ve only water once a month. So, if you’ve been wanting to incorporate a few houseplants in your home, know that you’ll be successful and therefore won’t waste any money, here are a few you need to try that will last for the long haul.

Snake Plant

I took a chance on the snake plant several months ago when I knew I wanted to try them in our entryway. I dove right in with buying 6 right away with my fingers crossed the very little light in the space would be enough. Well, wouldn’t you know, they love the space they’re in! All 6 are doing well, so well, I’ve started placing more snake plants throughout the house. And get this, I only water them one time a month.

Amount of Sunlight: Prefers moderate light but can also tolerate low and high light.
Water Frequency: Wait until soil is completely dry to water. Water every 2-6 depending on the soil. If you over water, could cause root rot.
Repotting: Snake plants like to be pot-bound and get quite comfortable. If you do transplant to a bigger pot, it’s every 2-5 years.

ZZ Plant

I was casually walking through the garden section at Lowe’s (it’s a weekly thing around here) when the ZZ plant caught my eye. I don’t know why I’ve never noticed it before but it did that day. I loved the texture and color of the leaves along with the overall look. I took a glance at the tag and say it wasn’t high maintenance on a lot of natural light. Figured why not and brought it home. I know own two: one in my kitchen and one in our guest bathroom. I also only water this one about once a month and it continuously has new growth!

Amount of Sunlight: Moderate – medium light. Can tolerate low light but won’t show as much growth overtime.
Water Frequency: Don’t overwater! Water every 2-3 weeks in the summer and every 3-4 weeks in the winter.
Repotting: Repot when you notice a lot of growth and best to do this in the spring/summer.
*** This plant is said to be poisonous to animals if eaten. To be safe, also keep out of reach from small children.

Pothos Plant

I feel like the pothos plant is one of the more common houseplants to try. They come in so many different varieties and have the eye-catching appeal of growing down like a full vine. These require slightly more sunlight than the ZZ plant and snake plant, but very easy to take care of! You can find this one in our guest bathroom, home office and even in the kitchen. I’ve even noticed if you see them droopy (which can happen quickly), a little bit of water and they perk right up! You definitely want to make sure you place this plant near a window. It likes it’s sunlight!

Amount of Sunlight: Moderate to high light; You’ll want to rotate it if only one side is receiving light.
Water Frequency: Water every 6-7 days in the summer and every 9-10 days in the winter. Soak the soil all the way through and wait until it’s dry again.
Repotting: Handles transplanting well. Best to do in the spring/summer.

These are just the plants that I’ve tried inside our home and have been very successful with so far. Now watch, I probably just jinxed myself! But, seriously, you can’t go wrong with starting with one or all of these in your home. I have a whole other suggestions list of plants for your covered patio space and even as we go out into the yard. But those are posts for another day! Please let me know if you end up trying one of these plants and tag me on Instagram so that I can see!

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