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Coffee Bar Cart Decor Daydreams

I’ve had this bar cart sitting in my dining room for a little over a year now.  Fun fact: it’s technically a utility cart from Ikea.  I spray painted the metal pieces gold to give it some flair and called it a bar cart.  I used it for Ryan’s birthday, which worked out perfectly, but now I’m wanting to give it an update for everyday use.  In today’s Decor Daydreams, I’m showing a way to transform a bar cart into a coffee bar cart.

In a past Decor Daydreams I created a design for a coffee bar.  Not everyone has the room to devote an entire wall or area for this type of design. Therefore, I thought a coffee bar cart would perfect for small spaces!  You can leave it where it is, for example, in the corner of the dining room like I have it styled.  If you need to move it, no problem!  Simply move the coffee bar cart to where you need it.  Your guests will love it as much as you do. Here are the must have pieces I’ve put together to create the ultimate coffee bar cart.

Coffee Bar Cart Essentials

1. Style wise you can never go wrong with a gold pineapple.  This golden pineapple not only adds a design piece to a coffee bar cart, but it’s also a tumbler.  Want an evening coffee that you mix with something extra special?  This tumbler will get the job done.  If not, it’s a beautiful piece to put on display to hold your packets of sugar.

2. It’s a given that every space needs fresh flowers.  I love the texture this nautical rope vase brings to the coffee bar cart.  It’s neutral enough to blend with the rest of the elements but also makes a statement.  This piece is a DIY project for a rainy afternoon!

3. Canisters with brush lettering pull at my heartstrings.  You’ll need a place to store your coffee, tea, and sugar so that you can easily access it.  The Lovely Drawer shows you how to make a set of your own.

4. I saw this brand new Oasis Keurig walking through target the other day.  You can never go wrong with this mint color, but then again, it’s one of my favorites. It brings a pop of color to the coffee bar cart as the main piece.

5.  Of course you’ll need some fun coffee mugs to put on display and to use with your coffee bar cart.  By Tracey has designed a few of my favorites that I’ll be adding to my coffee mug collection: Give me all the shiplap, Coffee until it’s acceptable for wine, and I make pretty things.

Already have a coffee bar or coffee bar cart of your own?  I want to see!  Let me know all about it in the comments below.  Once again, thank you for stopping by this lovely blog of mine and for all of your support.

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