Top 5 Farmhouse Laundry Room Sinks

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Top 5 Laundry Room Sinks

There are days where I stare at my laundry room and wonder what I could do to add some farmhouse features.  I love the space and still want to add shelving to the area but then there’s the sink. The dreaded sink. We have a utility sink that does what it’s suppose to do, but I keep thinking of replacing it with a farmhouse inspired one.  It would definitely add some appeal to the space.  To become more inspired, I’ve found my top 5 farmhouse laundry room sinks that would be perfect for my space or for my dream laundry room.  Either way, I hope these laundry room sinks inspire you to look at your laundry space a little differently.

1. Country Living

I’ve seen concrete table tops, but a concrete sink?! I love the farmhouse and industrial look this sink brings to the space.  Lucky enough to know someone who can make this for you?  You can have the sink created in a custom size to meet the needs of your space.  I’m absolutely in love with this sink!  You can see more over on Country Living.

Country Living Concrete Sink - Farmhouse Laundry Room Sinks

2. Twelve on Main

Twelve on Main inspired me to search Craigslist and local thrift stores this past weekend after seeing this sink. Look how amazing this is!  Who would have ever thought placing a cast iron farmhouse sink in a piece of furniture would make such a statement.  It’s simply divine! Her husband built this particular piece, but hey, a girl can dream on finding something similar, right?

Twelve on Main Laundry Room Sink

3. Home Bunch

Looking for something more modern with a farmhouse touch?  Home Bunch is sharing a laundry room sink that provides extra storage space, has a farmhouse look, and is painted in a beautiful mint to add a pop of color to the space without overwhelming it.  This particular farmhouse sink evens adds a vintage touch.

Home Bunch Laundry Room Sink

4. Desire to Inspire

This sink by Desire to Inspire is actually located in the kitchen.  But if you’re needing more counter space, why couldn’t this work in a laundry room as well? Once again I love the use of a piece of furniture to hold the sink rather than cabinetry.  Plus, there’s something about that emerald green paired with the white marble counter tops that I love.

Desire to Inpisre Laundry Room Sink

5. Faded Charm

Faded Charm has found the perfect way to use this vintage galvanized tub.  It’s perfect for her flower arrangements, washing clothes, and anything else that needs to be washed with how deep it is.  Next time you see a tub like this one, snatch it up quickly! I have a feeling they are hard to stumble upon.

Faded Charm Cottage Laundry Room

I’m pretty sure if any these sinks made it’s way into my laundry room, you would find me doing laundry more often. It sounds like a win-win situation to me! These top 5 farmhouse laundry room sinks have become the focal point of the laundry room and certainly add a pop of color and/ or vintage design to each space. I’m curious, which one would you pick for your laundry room?

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