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Adding decor to your front porch and yard

My decor daydreams has taken me outside today to our front porch and yard.  The outside of your home deserves a little home decor and landscaping also! Throughout the summer months I spent a lot of time working in our yard with my Mom.  It made for a great {and very hot} summer with amazing results. You can see some of our before and after photos of our yard here

Although the backyard has dramatically changed, our front yard and porch has had a few changes also.  I would love to put more focus on this area of our home since it could use a little more sprucing up.  It’s the very first part of our home that guests see and anyone driving down our road. Today’s Decor Daydreams gives this area of my home a lot of potential to turn it into an eye-catching one with just a few additions and changes.  Get a closer look below of what I would love to add!

Porch and Front Yard Decor Essentials

1. To add beautiful decor and a unique way to display our house number, I would love to create this house number sign by Shades of Blue Interiors. It certainly makes the house number stand out. I would even have a way to add more flowers to my front porch.

2. Maybe it’s the southern gal in me, but I love the idea of having a little flag in a front flower bed. It’s the cutest little thing. You can find an abundance of small flags on Etsy like this festive fall one by Modern Rustic Girl.

3. I’m head over heels for anything written in calligraphy.  How gorgeous would this family sign be hanging on a front porch?! Rustic Soul DesignI have the perfect spot right above a bench for your amazing sign!

4. Hanging plants are always a must for any porch that allows them to beautifully hang.  My porch is a little tricky but I would love to find a way to safely hang a few. Like the idea of hanging plants?  Balcony Garden Web has a post on the best plants for hanging baskets. 

5. Why a galvanized bucket sitting next to my house?  I have a garden hose that I leave out to water my front flower bed.  This would be the perfect way to store my garden hose while also adding a little decor. You can find this bucket at Tractor Supply Co. 

6. I’ve been literally daydreaming of placing shrubs and flowers along my driveway and sidewalk since last year.  I just need to convince my husband it would be a great addition to our front yard landscaping. Adding green velvet boxwoods and hydrangeas would be the perfect addition to this area!

These are just a few small details I would love to add to our front porch and yard. It doesn’t even have to be right away but a fun project to complete over time.  What are some of your must haves for your front porch?  I would also love to hear about some of your favorite flowers that have a permanent home in your yard.  Leave me your ideas in the comments below, and as always, thanks for joining me today!

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