Designing a Closet to Become an Extension of your Master Bedroom

California Closets in Home Consultation Orlando
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California Closets in Home Consultation Orlando

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There’s a space in your home you may or may not be paying attention to. I’m talking about your master bedroom closet. Too often we create a relaxing and calm space in the master bedroom but stop there. Just last week we shared that we’re finally starting to focus on our master bedroom which is when I quickly realized our closet needed a desperate overhaul. I’m here today to show you how your closet can be maximized and also become an extension of your bedroom.

So, what did we do? We partnered with California Closets located in Winter Park, FL for a complimentary consultation to see what our options are for giving our closet the attention it finally deserves. It’s easier than you may think because the expert design consultant comes to your home for an in-home visit! The morning of my consultation, I had the pleasure of working with design expert, Dara. I grabbed a cup of coffee and she started helping me design a closet that I never knew was even possible in our home.

California Closets in Home Consultation Orlando

I’ll be honest, I truly didn’t know what to expect from this collaboration between homeowner and designer, so I’d love to share my experience with you just in case you’re thinking about doing the same. We took a look at the master bedroom closet by taking inventory of what was currently in there, what would be taken out, and most importantly discussing our needs and wants for the closet space. Which wasn’t too much! We wanted organization, to maximize the space, an area to hide laundry until laundry day, a design pleasing to the eye, and a place that creates joy rather than chaos during the early morning rush to get ready.

As I went to go pour another cup of coffee, Dara measured our closet space to start our custom design. And yes, the design process happens during the consultation as well which was amazing to see. The technology used and the knowledge of the design consultant made this all possible in just under an hour.

California Closets in Home Consultation Orlando

As Dara started entering the measurements of our closet, I looked through over 20 finishes for our closet structure. It was easier than what I expected when finalizing colors. I went with a timeless look by picking out a classic white, aluminum matte hardware, and a gorgeous linen textured front for the drawers and hamper door.

California Closets in Home Consultation

California Closets in Home Consultation

When my design was finally revealed, I realized I was gaining space for all the items in my closest while also gaining closet space to move around in. Our closet was certainly being maximized and utilized to it’s fullest. Who even knew that was possible! The 3-D model that was presented of our master bedroom closet made me feel like I was looking at a completely different space. This was my first experience with California Closets, let alone my first time ever of getting rid of the wire shelving. Needless to say, I was impressed with our closet design. 

The 3-D model, measurements of the new closet, and the finishes were all emailed to me within an hour after the conclusion of the consultation. This allowed me to dive deeper into the plans, review everything we designed, and discuss any possible changes with Ryan. You’re probably wondering what my closet and my custom design look like. I’d love to share with you! Here’s my current closet along with the 3-D design. 

My Closet 

An Image of my Closet before California Closets

3-D Model of my Closet Design

Master Bedroom Closet 3-D Design by California Closets

What did I learn from this consultation where we created a custom crafted space? That joy can also be found in a closet with a design that meets our needs and having it reflect our personal style. It was also beneficial to have this consultation in-home because we were able to make changes on the spot. Especially if that meant making small changes here and there so that the design would fit within our budget. To help with this, Dara had several images of spaces previously designed and installed by California Closets so I could look through examples. Being the visual person that I am, this was so important for me! 

California Closets in Home Consultation

The in-home consultation was truly a great experience. I didn’t have to worry about the measurements not working because exact measurements were taken. Therefore, I knew everything would fit perfectly. As Dara said goodbye, I was already making changes to my current closet after learning a few of Marie Kondo’s tips and tricks to getting organized. Some of the tips Dara mentioned included using all the same hangers, hanging by color, and hanging by length of clothing (shirts, skirts, dresses) so it goes shortest to longest. 

If you’re wanting to extend your master bedroom by creating an inviting and organized space in your master bedroom closet, there really isn’t anything stopping you from scheduling your very own free in-home consultation! If you’re ready now or if it’s something you want to do in the future, you’ll at least know your design options for when the time comes. Here’s a video that shows you a little more of the process and how a closet can spark joy:

Keep in mind that there are many locations that offer seasonal promotions and even financing options. All you have to do is contact your local California Closets to ask any questions or schedule your free consultation. These design consultations aren’t limited to just closets. They can be for just about every room in your home when it comes to organizing your garage, mudroom, laundry room, home office, pantry, and craft room. 

With this being my first time focusing on my master bedroom closet (or really any closet), I’m truly wondering why I didn’t do this sooner. There is so much potential within this space that will help create a calm start to each and every day. Which is exactly what I need as a mom that also works from home. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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