DIY Modern Doormat for Under $10

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Hello, my friends! The other day we ventured over to our local IKEA to grab a few things for an upcoming project and of course, I came home with a few things I didn’t have on my list. One of those items being two doormats for our patio. There’s a sliding glass door off of our kitchen that we use constantly to get to the patio and backyard. I figured it was time to get some mats down as we come and go.

I picked the doormats with a woven design to give the space a little texture. They were only $7.99 each (there was also one for $3.99 but was smaller). I knew I didn’t want to keep them plain so I took out a little craft paint and got to town with painting a modern design on them: stripes in various sizes. This will also make the mats still work with every season!

Here’s What You’ll Need

Frog Tape in their narrow and wider sizes
Acrylic Paint (I used Martha Stewart multi-surface paint because it’s meant for outdoor use as well).
Paper plate for paint
Stencil brush

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Let’s Create a Doormat!

First, you’ll tape off your design using the FrogTape. I used two different sized tapes to help me vary the spaces between the lines and to create my painted lines. This will also help ensure that your lines stay straight. Want a wider space? Use two rows of Frog Tape. Just get creative with it and take your time! The biggest thing is just making sure your lines are straight.

Next, you’ll use the stencil brush and dab over the areas you want the paint to go. Try not to get under the tape to avoid the paint from seeping under. With this being such a coarse surface, it didn’t take a little more paint than what I was expecting. Thank goodness I grabbed the larger bottle of paint for this project! Keep in mind, I painted two. So you may be fine with the smaller bottle of paint if you’re only painting one doormat.

The final step is pulling the tape off and allowing your doormats to dry. I let them dry overnight before putting them in front of the patio doors. This project is really that simple! For under $10 per doormat, I was able to create ones that I love for my space. The crazy thing is, similar doormats are $20 and more online!

You can double them up as I did for a sliding glass door or french doors. You can also layer a single doormat with a rug for your front door. I tried one of my freshly painted doormats in front of my office door so you could see what that looks like as well!

You can purchase these doormats online and I believe shipping is a flat $10. Team up with a friend to save on shipping and have an afternoon creating some doormats for your home. Make sure to tag me on social media if you create this project! I’d love to see!

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  1. Monica says:

    Love them! Thanks for sharing- going to buy supplies to make one. Love the look of two in front of your sliders.

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