Fall Pizza Oven Night Family Tradition

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We have a new Friday night tradition as a family that I’m beyond excited about! First, it isn’t anything new that Friday means pizza night for our family. But what is new is that we finally got a pizza oven! Yes, my friends, we’re officially making our own pizzas. And I couldn’t think of a better way to break it in than out on our patio as the fall season finally decided to show up here in Florida.

With a sprinkle of fall decor, outdoor lighting, and the fire pit lit, we’re ready for our first homemade pizza night. This is also when I’m super thankful that our patio is screened in to keep all of the mosquitoes out. The most exciting thing about having this pizza oven is the family time and memories it’s about to create. And not just for our family but when hosting friends, family, and neighbors as well.

Pizza night using a pizza oven.

Knowing that this is going to be a weekly event when others will join us at times as well, I want to make sure we have everything we need to make it a fun, relaxing, and successful homemade pizza night. This means getting everything outside so there isn’t a lot of running back and forth. This is the drinks, pizza ingredients and toppings, servingware, dinnerware, pizza tools, etc.

Setup and toppings for a successful homemade pizza night.

One of the first things I set up was a drink station with this gorgeous copper party tub and acrylic outdoor glasses. We each had our drink of choice staying cold in the ice and refills were a breeze. The music continued to flow as we didn’t miss a beat enjoying the pizza oven heating up.

Drink station for the patio.

The wood pellet pizza oven takes about 15 minutes to heat up so while we waited for that, we started making our custom pizzas. This was one of my favorite parts about tonight as we all stood around the patio table each making what each thought was the best pizza ever.

Making our own pizzas using a pizza oven.
Homemade pizzas from using a pizza oven on the patio.

Our pizza-making area consisted of a baking stone to create our pizzas on, small bowls for the cheese, and serving boards for all of the toppings. It made it a lot of fun and it was also easy for our 5-year-old to take on his own custom pizza. Which, by the way, was the coolest thing for him!

Pizza night using a pizza oven.

As far as the pizzas cooking, it only took 60 seconds per pizza. Amazing, right!? We burnt a few with it being our first time but it was all part of the experience. A few must-have items for the pizza oven itself? A metal pizza peel to insert, rotate and remove each pizza, the pizza cutter that’s also a cheese grater, and a pizza paddle to place all the cooked pizzas on.

Using a pizza oven to create homemade pizzas.

With the pizza-making station being replaced with the dinnerware and servingware, the pizza taste-testing could begin! What I loved about all of our pizzas being placed and cut on the pizza paddle, is that it became a fun way to try each other’s pizzas.

Pizza night. A new Friday night tradition.
Family pizza night

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this Friday night tradition. After tonight, I know it’s something we’re going to look forward to every week as we welcome the weekend ahead. Oliver loved making his own pizza while Ryan loved trying a new cooking tool. As for me, I loved watching our family come together for a new Friday night tradition.

Making homemade pizzas out on the patio.
Creating a drink station for pizza night.
Fall season is the perfect time to make homemade pizzas using a pizza oven out on the patio.

And with the outdoor lighting and fire pit going, it turned into a relaxing night with all of just hanging out. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the week as we welcome the weekend ahead. There are already a few things that we’re going to do differently next week from homemade pizza dough to getting a few more pizza oven tools. I’ll keep you updated once we get the hang of everything. Meanwhile, here’s a list and the links to everything that we used tonight. And if you’re wanting to know more about our patio space, check out this post here and you can find the links to everything here.


Pizza Oven
Copper Party Tub
Clear Acrylic Glasses
Pizza Slicer and Grater
Ooni 3 Stone Baking Board
Foldable Pizza Peel
Aracia Pizza Peel Serving Paddle
Onyx Five-Piece Paddle Board Set with Black Stand
Round PlateRoda 9”
Square BowlsRoda 4”
Serving BowlRoda 8”
Parisian Olive Wood Salad Servers
Provence Antipasta Serving Board

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