Creating an Outdoor Oasis with IKEA

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This post is sponsored by IKEA. All opinions are 100% my own.

One thing you’ll quickly learn about me is that I love to do outdoor projects. And when I’m not doing an outdoor project you’ll find me enjoying our outdoor spaces. At the top of the list of the many things that sold me on our current home was the layout of our lanai and patio. I saw the potential and dream of what it could be right in front of me. Fast forward to three years later and here I am revealing our patio space. I couldn’t be more excited about the outdoor oasis we created.

As a lot of you already know, one of my go to places to shop for all things home is IKEA. They have an amazing outdoor selection (that I eye every time I leave their store) and knew it was finally time to focus on our patio. Especially, since traveling isn’t happening this summer with COVID-19. Vacations have been cancelled and we’re spending even more time in our personal spaces. It was the perfect time to plan a staycation by turning our patio into an outdoor oasis that feels like an extension of our home. With a few key pieces from IKEA, we were able to quickly and affordably makeover our outdoor space.

The IKEA Summer 2020 Collection is all about creating your own summer staycation. From a large patio area I’m going to show you today to a cozy balcony. Let me show you where we started with our space and how IKEA helped us transform it into a summer oasis where we feel like we can escape the day-to-day routine.

The Before
The After

Can you believe this is even the same space? I have spent every second possible out here on our patio. We’ve enjoyed multiple dinners, have relaxed at the end of a hard work day, chatted away under the glowing lights and simply enjoyed the space as a family. I had a few things in mind when designing it: I wanted a space that was both functional and beautiful to create an outdoor oasis for our family to relax and enjoy.

When both sides of our families come together, it’s quite the crowd. So seating became a priority and plenty of it. The ÄPPLARÖ 3-seat modular sofa with a footstool fits perfectly along one of the screen sections of the patio. Not only will it get us and family out into the patio but it’s a comfortable place to sit and sip a drink.  I had it face in versus out to help create a cozy atmosphere among family.


Knowing  we needed more seating and not wanting to crowd the space, I placed two of the ÄPPLARÖ Benches along a wall. The added bonus? It’s a great place to store outdoor pillows and blankets.

Now, let’s get to one of the main attractions of creating an outdoor space: being able to grill out and enjoy cold beverages with loved ones. Our patio has an interesting design being that it is completely screened in. I’m certainly not going to complain about this because it keeps all of the mosquitoes and other flying insects out. And it also gave me the perfect place to put our new grill!

We created an outdoor kitchen pairing the ÄPPLARÖ / KLASEN charcoal grill with a cart and cabinet. This gives us plenty of food prep space, storage and a place to put food when it’s done. I also love how all three pieces are on wheels so they can move around the patio. For example, the cart can easily turn into a serving cart that is placed by the outdoor dining table.

Our ÄPPLARÖ drop-leaf dining table is great for our little family of three during this time of staying at home. But when family and friends can finally join us again, both sides can fold up doubling the table in size. It’s made to seat 4, 6, or 8 people depending on the situation. How cool is that?


Now, off to the far corner of the patio we have a smaller covered lanai space. I’ve always been stumped on what to do with it. In the past I’ve had a small outdoor couch with a table, I’ve filled it with plants and have tried two outdoor chairs. Nothing really flowed. This time I decided to try the ÄPPLARÖ Table with 2 folding chairs.

It’s another table with drop-leaf sides that allow for more seating and makes it versatile depending on the space. For this area, I left one side down and pushed it against the screen. It’s a great size for this space while adding two more chairs. I don’t think we’re going to have a problem with seating! This area also happens to be off of our home office which will be nice to get some work done out here as well.

One of the main issues we’ve had with this corner of the patio is no lighting. That was easily fixed by using three of these amazing TORARED pendant lamp shades with puck lighting. I seriously feel like I’ve escaped to some cute little bistro in Italy every time I walk to this side of the patio. And to make this patio usable at night, we also added UTSUND String Lights across the main space. We can now enjoy it at night!

From the washable rugs to the addition of plants, our patio space has truly become an amazing place to escape to. It’s making our summer a little bit sweeter knowing that we have an outdoor oasis to enjoy. I’m so excited for our first get together that we’ll be able to throw post-COVID-19. Until then, this is where you’ll find me spending most of my time.


If you’re looking to revamp an outdoor space, a balcony or small patio of your own, IKEA has so much to offer with outdoor furniture, textiles and decor. For example, we went with the ÄPPLARÖ line for our outdoor furniture. It’s made from wood that comes from more sustainable sources (certified or recycled wood). Which means it’s good for us and our environment! And better yet, every product has a backstory.

I’m linking everything we used in our patio space below so it’s easier for you to find online or you know what to look for when going in-store. I think you’ll love the quality, affordability and function of everything I’ve shared today! And of course, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. 

Links to IKEA Products and Furniture 

ÄPPLARÖ Modular Sofa
ÄPPLARÖ Table for Sofa
ÄPPLARÖ Table and 6 Armchairs
ÄPPLARÖ / KLASEN Charcoal Grill with Cart and Cabinet
ÄPPLARÖ Table and 2 Folding Chairs
UTSUND LED String Lights
TORARED Pendant Lamp Shade
PAPAJA Plant Pots
GLADOM Tray Table
SNÖFRID Cushion Cover
HILLARED Cushion Cover
16 x 26 Inner Cushion
KNODD Bin with Lid
APTITLIG Chopping board
BLANDA MATT Serving bowl
SMÅÄTA Chopping board
FRASERA Whiskey glass
GLADELIG Deep plate/bowl
GLADELIG Side PlateGLADELIG 8 x 5 Plate

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  1. Josie says:

    Liz, you you worked your tush off on this project and it paid off big time!! It looks so amazing!! I love the black windows against the fresh white paint and the wooden Ikea furniture with all your new plant babies. ????????????

  2. Lilly Thomas says:

    This looks amazing!!! I love what you did. I’m getting ready to attack my patio and need it to look peaceful and inviting g like yours. Great job!!! ????????

  3. Lori says:

    My goodness! I can see why you want to stay outside and seeing the patio at night with the lights is magical! I especially like the far corner with the cozy lights. I need you to style my home!! ❤️❤️

  4. Erika says:

    Such a beautiful and relaxing space. Love the wood tones with the greenery! ????????????

  5. Jessica Anthony says:

    I need those chairs ASAP. ????????????

  6. Kristin Muzzarelli says:

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  8. Krystal lewis says:

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  9. Alex says:

    Really inspired how you make your house a home! Love what you did to your patio!????????

  10. Kelly McCue says:

    The patio transformation is beautiful. Every aspect of decor perfection. I didn’t know that IKEA had such nice furniture. I will be looking at their catalog.
    I hope that you’ll sit down and enjoy the patio. Get some rest. Your button has been turned “on” for a month! ????????

  11. Jen says:

    This is gorgeous!!!!! I need all the things copied & pasted to my patio 🙂 And a Florida summer patio redo is not for the weak… My hat is off to you, girl! Well done! ❤️

  12. Ashley Dupree says:

    Such a great space! I’d want to spend all my time out there! ????

  13. Marijke says:

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