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Changing the bi-fold pantry doors to double doors with a barn look.I’ve always had the urge to paint a door in our home a deep black hue.  There is something about this color on a door that is clean, bold, and traditional all at the same time.  I knew that I couldn’t paint our front door black because it would darken our front porch space too much.  I knew then it would have to be our pantry door in the kitchen!  By adding black to this space, it would help tie in with the orb chandelier I made for our breakfast nook by bringing black accents throughout the kitchen.  What turned this home project into a true DIY adventure?  Deciding to also transform our bi-fold doors to barn French doors using scrap wood from our garage.  Here is what we we started with when we bought our home:

Pantry doors before the makeover

The pantry door was a typical, basic pantry door that did it’s job beautifully!  But did the door look beautiful to me?  At this point, you can probably guess my answer.  Take a look at the same view but of the doors transformed into their new look:

New pantry barn doors for the kitchesn

This project cost of a total of $35 because all I needed to buy was the paint and the handles.  I used the current doors, scrap pieces of wood, and the other necessary materials to put the pieces together from the stock pile in the garage to bring down the cost.  The color we used was Carbon by BEHR Paint.  I love it and who knew there could be so many shades of black!?

The Kitchen before the makeover

How did we do it?  There are so many amazing tutorials available to complete this project.  We ultimately referred to the tutorial by The Painted Hive to get our jump start. We took the doors down and went straight to our garage to begin work.

Before taking the hinges off

The hinges came off immediately and the measuring, sanding, and wood cutting marathon began!

Taking the hinges off

We did a few things differently than the tutorial we originally found.  Ryan and I simply used wood glue and a nail gun to attach the freshly cut pieces of wood.  We also did not pre-paint the pieces before placing them on the bi-fold doors.  I wanted to use wood putty to seal the cracks, holes, and random open spots for a flawless finish.  So on went the wood right away!

Attaching the new wood pieces

We already spent a whole weekend on the doors up until this point.  It was well worth the labor, learning experience, and end results though. Once the wood putty and glue dried, I painted three coats of the Carbon BEHR paint, attached the hinges, and hung them in the kitchen.  My patient husband of course helped with everything!

New Pantry Doors

Ryan and I immediately agreed on the knobs for the new pantry doors that gave them a modern twist.  We installed the stainless steel bar hardware pulls that completed the look of the new pantry doors! Just take a minute to swoon over them:

Handles for the new doors by Martha stewart

Handles for the pantry doors by Martha Stewart

I loved the entire process of this home project and highly recommend for you to create your own French doors out of bi-fold doors!  It’s very rewarding and such an amazing difference for any space.  We also did this for our closest doors in our master bedroom but with a different design.Before and After of Pantry Doors

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