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Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Home Decor
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Hearth & Hand With Magnolia

Not that long ago we heard about an amazing collaboration happening between Target and Joanna and Chip Gaines of Magnolia. Even if you’re not an avid fan of Fixer Upper and this dynamic duo, you couldn’t help but hear about this news. People were sharing, tweeting, and even the news was talking about it. It’s going to be that good because it isn’t just a one time thing. This is a new line making itself at home in Target that you’re going to see throughout the year that brings about new products with the changing seasons. This type of collaboration is new for Target and Magnolia.

Hearth & Home with Magnolia at Target

But if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what this line is actually going to include and look like. A part of me knew it wouldn’t be what you find at the Silos in Waco, TX or online. Because then would it truly be a collaboration worth checking out? What we did know is that the design would be modern farmhouse. Then yesterday happened. Target sent out an email giving us all a preview of Hearth & Hand Magnolia. You guys. S T O P what you’re doing and browse through everything. The lookbook is live!  B U T! If you don’t have time for that, I’ve rounded up my top 5 in each area for you to get a quick glimpse into these must have products. Seriously, home decor addicts are already writing down their wish list for November 5th. I just might know this because that’s exactly what I’m doing. 

Hearth & Home with Magnolia at Target

You’re going to find whites, natural wood, grays, and blacks throughout this line. It’s sophisticated, modern, and moody in all the right ways. You’ll find everything you need for dining, the kitchen, home decor, holiday essentials, and even a few things for children. The prices will range from .99 cents to $129.99 with majority of the products under $30. Added bonus: this line will also support charities like St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Every reason to browse and get ready for November 5th! So here are my top 5 in holiday, home decor, kitchen/dining, and children that I’m adding to my wish list. 

Home Decor

Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Home Decor

House Lantern || Storage Bin || Smoke Glass Jugs || Vases || Candles


Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Holiday

Garland || House Form for Logs ||  Wreaths || Mailbox Letters to Santa || Stockings


Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Kitchen and Dining

Measuring Cups || Salt and Pepper Cellar || Food Scale || Striped Napkins || Stoneware Pitcher


Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Kids

Wooden Block Set || Wooden Toy Cocoa Set || Wooden Tool Bench || Wooden Toy Cookie Baking Set 

So, are you smitten with these items? Go check out the rest of the line with Target’s lookbook. What will you be adding to your wish list? Let me know in the comments below your favorites! 

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