Home Project // Backyard Patio Makeover

August 23, 2016

Backyard Patio Makeover Reveal

When we moved into our home a little over two years ago, we knew that the patio space directly off of our house would be a slow work in progress. Fast forward to this past June when we decided to finally flip the space and make it a patio for us to enjoy.  Did I mention I was 28 weeks pregnant when we started and it took about 4 weekends {and a couple week days} to complete this project?  And oh yeah, we picked the middle of the summer to complete this massive project.  

But let me tell you, it was worth every second in the Florida heat! We’re in love with our new outdoor space {in addition to our other outdoor patio space and our screened in patio flip from last summer}. We can’t wait to share how the process of creating our new space.  Here’s a glance at the before and after:

Before and After of a backyard patio makeover

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WTG Explores // Dreamy Greenhouse Maternity Photos

August 15, 2016

Greenhouse Maternity Session

Although it seems like just yesterday Ryan and I were taking our maternity pictures, it has already been two months! My friends were not kidding when they told me pregnancy will fly by.  I’ve cherished every single moment of this journey so far and can’t wait to meet our little one in a little less than a month.

Until then I want to gush all about our dreamy greenhouse maternity photoshoot.  We took our engagement pictures in downtown Nashville for the city scene, got married a block from the beach, and for our maternity photos we wanted something completely different.  There are plenty of places to take pictures in and around Orlando but I knew I wanted two things: a greenhouse and an amazing photographer. Earlier this summer I took part in a Summer Floral Party.  This is also where I saw Rachel of Rachel V Photography put her photography skills to work. We quickly connected and started planning one awesome maternity photoshoot just a few weeks later.  

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Vintage Secretary Desk Makeover Ideas

August 11, 2016

There are many days that I research new home decor ideas with no success.  There are also days when a vision and new project falls into my lap with no effort on my end. That happened recently as I was casually scrolling through Facebook when this image by The Golden Sycamore appeared in my timeline:

Vintage secretary desk by The Golden Sycamore

Oh my word.  I have never fallen so hard for a secretary desk.  To my own surprise, I just had to have one after seeing this completed project.  That was two weeks ago.  Since then I have been stalking Craigslist, local online and Facebook furniture groups, and local thrift stores to find my gem of a desk to flip myself. There are plenty available but I’m looking for that amazing steal of a deal.

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How to Create a Boho Baby Shower on a Budget

August 8, 2016

Gender Neutral Boho Baby Shower on a Budget

I can’t believe we’re beginning another week.  I love a great, productive Monday especially when it means crossing off my to-do list and sharing with all of you.  Today’s post will be a look into one of the sweetest days ever and how you can create your own gender neutral boho baby shower on a budget.  You’ll be amazed at what you can use to create decorations and where you can find the materials.

Our baby shower was unique for a couple of reasons.  For one, it had to be gender neutral since we have no idea what we’re having {one of the hardest things ever}. Ryan and I also decided to make this shower a co-ed/couple backyard cookout where we were very hands on with my Mom who was hosting.  We busted our behinds for four weekends to build a brand new patio {a post on that very soon} just for this special day.

If you need a few ideas to create a boho themed baby shower {or party in general}, here’s how you can do just that on a budget:

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DIY // Garden Planters Using Locker Drawers

August 3, 2016

DIY Garden Planters using Lockers

This past week I had the unique opportunity to team up with Central Florida bloggers and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Orlando ReStores.  We were given the task to head to our local ReStore, shop around, and see what we can beautifully transform into a DIY project. This had my name all over it!  I couldn’t get to the ReStore fast enough to get my hands on a few pieces of thrift treasure.  I’ll be sharing a few amazing DIY posts by other Central Florida Bloggers {you seriously don’t want to miss out on these} at the end of my blog post! After my recent trip I came home with the front of 3 locker drawers, a table, and a large mirror.  I’ll be sharing the other flips with you in the coming weeks. 

Build your own planter boxes

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August 2016 Island Vibes Wallpaper // Free Download

August 1, 2016

Island Vibes 1440 x 900 Screen

I can’t help but get a little excited about August arriving.  That means cooler weather, fall, and Baby Rishel is right around the corner.  I might have to be patient for the cooler weather though living in Central Florida. Meanwhile, I can still daydream about someone fanning me with split leaf palms while on an island with clear water.  Like I said, a daydream.  Since I can’t skip off on a plane somewhere, I can certainly make my devices a little more festive while we are squeezing in these last summer moments.  This month’s wallpaper is all about palm leaves and island vibes.  Haven’t you ever been told that whatever you put out in the universe will come true?  I’m hoping there is some truth to this theory by decorating my computer and phone with some island vibes.  So, why not join me? 

Download the free images below for all of your devices.

Island Vibes Free Wallpaper

Download the August Island Vibes Wallpaper:

Computer: 2560 x 1440
Computer: 1400 x 900
iPhone 5
iPhone 6

Island Vibes Free Wallpaper for all of your devices

Design by Elizabeth Rishel of Within the Grove