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Creating Extra Storage in your home. 2
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We’re back in the office this week, and this time it’s to create some extra storage and a few other projects to make this space happen. You’ll need a small wall space to create this extra storage wheel, visually impacting your home. If you missed the design plan for the space, you can find it here. Here’s the wall I’m working with and where I’m adding extra storage.

Creating Extra Storage in your home.

Why do I need the extra storage? We currently have board games, puzzles, and a few workout items that don’t have a spot to call home. Therefore, they are just sitting on the office floor in a pile. Easily accessible? You bet! But not ideal and looks cluttered. So instead, l created extra storage where they’re still easily accessible. Ready for the after of the space?! Here it is!

Creating Extra Storage in your home. 1

Can you believe it’s the same wall?! You can see that I did a few things beyond just creating extra storage. I believe that a space can be functional, organized, AND pretty. That’s my goal anytime I tackle a project in our home. Let’s dive into everything I did to this space to transform it while creating extra storage.

Creating Extra Storage in your home. 2
Painted Windows

The first thing I did was remove the old blinds and paint our aluminum window frames black. These are the last few windows in our home that I have left to paint, so it was finally time to tackle them. Going from the beige window frames to black visually makes a huge impact! Want to know how to paint your window frames? Check out my tutorial here!

Painted black window frames.

I knew just placing extra storage on this wall wouldn’t do it for me. I needed to have fun with the space as well! What better way to do that than with wallpaper? I decided on this pre-pasted wallpaper called Sunny by Copper Corners Art. It’s the second time I’ve used this wallpaper and by far the best wallpaper I’ve installed yet! You can use my code, WITHINTHEGROVE, to get 10% off if you decide to try wallpaper in your home.

I love that it’s a bold pattern, but by sticking to black and white, it still serves as a neutral for the space while working with the overall color scheme of the office. Alone, it might seem like a lot, but it all beautifully came together once everything else was in place.

Extra storage
Extra Storage

Now that the windows frames were painted and the wallpaper installed, it was time to focus on the extra storage. I didn’t need anything extravagant. Just something big enough to store the games, puzzles, and workout gear. I decided on the IVAR cabinet by IKEA for a few different reasons. One being the size. It will fit on the 44-inch wall between the two windows and isn’t too deep. I didn’t want anything protruding out too much with Ryan’s desk to the right.

Creating extra storage for your home.
Creating extra storage.

Secondly, I can hang it on the wall allowing me to use it underneath it for extra storage, which is exactly what I did with the baskets. And lastly, I can easily paint it to match my design style. I went with Gladiator Gray by Behr paint (the same color as the arches behind the desks) and painted the exterior and interior of the cabinet. It leveled it up a bit by painting the inside of it.

How to organize board games and puzzles.

I placed the game boards in these large zipper pouches, used buckets to organize everything within the cabinet, puzzles at the bottom, and had a little spare room. The baskets under the cabinet hold our Peloton shoes and our weights. Everything finally has a spot and can easily be found!

Storing board games and puzzles.
Storing work out gear.
How to store board games, puzzles and work out gear.
Storing board games.
How to store board games.
Additional Decor

To further bring this small office space together, I added a runner. Which ended up being a perfect size! I’m not sure if it will stay here because Ryan’s desk is next to this area. I’ll probably find a large rug that works for the whole area.

Extra storage

I also added these adorable pendants in a group of three above the cabinet. I added puck lights that are controlled by a remote. It’s a fun way to add lighting to the extra storage area and when we work out in this space.

Other than that, I added my go-to decor item: plants. Can never have too many plants! And also added a few decor items on top of the cabinet. And I almost forgot! There are magnetic hooks on the right side of the cabinet where I can hang a towel, bag, or anything else that I need to. When I need one, they easily fold down and can be pushed up and held in place by a magnet when I’m not using them. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Adding decor to a small wall space.
Adding pulls to IKEA furniture.
Adding hooks to a cabinet.

Considering this is a 44-inch wall space I wanted to use for extra storage, this whole wall and area of the office truly has one epic transformation from what it was before! It has certainly made the office area a little cozier and given purpose to this part of it. Think it will motivate me to work out more? I sure do hope so! Oliver loves it as well with being able to grab games for game night, and I’m already eyeing the next puzzle I want to tackle. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Links to the Items

Sunny Wallpaper – WITHINTHEGROVE for 10% off
IVAR Cabinet
Black pulls
Puck lights
Small Baskets on top of cabinet
Baskets under cabinet
Mini greenhouse
Pot #1
Pot #2
Magnetic hooks
Wooden Container

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  1. Carla Skrivan says:

    These ideas are just the best! I will be starting this dyi asap. Thank you so much for this beautiful yet very functional ideas. I am so excited to start. I will be watching out for more of your ideas for our home to try and do❤️

  2. cemre says:

    Really good job. Everything looks so organized.

  3. cemre says:

    Amazing wallpaper

  4. Pat says:

    Those hooks are pretty cool. You did such a great job combining colors and textures to give this a calming look and feel!

  5. Alicia says:

    Absolutely love how this turned out! Great job!

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