Creating a Workspace that Works for You

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This post is sponsored by Home Centric. 

These past few months have certainly been interesting and working from home has become the new normal for a lot of us. Or maybe you already worked from home but now you’re juggling a spouse or partner joining you full-time at home as well. And we can’t forget about those families with children where virtual school is now taking place. Put all of these things together and there’s a pretty good chance you may be scrambling for a workspace within your home.

We don’t all have a designated room for an office or a place to put a large desk. I’m a firm believer in making your spaces work for you no matter how that might look. So today I’m showing you how I added a few things to our guest bedroom that will allow it to be a workspace for anyone in our family and it will still function as a bedroom for guests. I headed to my local Home Centric to find exactly what I needed knowing it will keep me within my budget.

When we originally designed this room, I envisioned placing a mini round coffee table in front of the chair. I totally forgot about it until I found this one right when I walked into Home Centric. It was the perfect height for the lower chair we have in the guest bedroom and just the right size to be placed on our current round rug. 

What’s so amazing about placing this coffee table in this space is that it allows anyone in our family to come in this room and get some work done. Maybe we need a change of scenery (one can certainly get stir crazy always working in the same spot), a quiet place to work or a cozy spot to sit as we rush to meet a deadline. And of course, it’s just the right size for our toddler to pull up his small chair on the other side if he’d like to join me with an activity of his own. 

I did give the coffee table a little update by spray painting the legs black to make it more of our style. Have you ever bought something to DIY a piece of it? I had no problem doing this as well because of the amazing price I snagged this coffee table for.

Another way to make this space a bit more cozy to work in was adding a few plants in the space. I picked up a basket and two pots from Home Centric to use. I’m notorious for buying houseplants and keeping them in the containers I bought them in. This way, I was forced to repot them and it added beautiful texture to the space. Fun fact: did you know adding houseplants to a space will boost your mood, productivity, concentration, creativity and reduce stress? Things we all need for a work space.

Lastly, I used an empty storage cabinet we have in the room as a place to store snacks, waters and office supplies. These containers found in the kitchen section at Home Centric were exactly what I needed. The grips on the bottom allow them to stay in place, the clear design easily lets me see everything I have in them and they’re the perfect size. Plus, there’s still room to place extra towels and sheets for guests in the cabinet.

My overall goal was to create a workspace in our home that all of our family can use. I feel like I accomplished that while also creating an even better place for our guests to escape to. They’ll have the added benefits of the house plants and a cozy spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. I hope this helps to get your wheels turning with different ways you can use spaces in your home. And don’t forget to see if you have Home Centric near you to help with this! They offer home decor and furnishings at up to 70% off retail prices. I can’t wait to hear what you find and ways you create a workspace in your home as well.

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