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I learned something new this week after living in Florida for almost 8 years: the space I’ve been calling a patio is really called a lanai (hello Golden Girls). Take a minute to look up the difference between a patio and lanai! Hint: it also depends on where you live. In the coming week we won’t be working on our lanai but our patio space to turn it into an outdoor oasis. Our lanai area is actually pretty good to go which you can see below.

Our patio needs some attention because it honestly isn’t as functional as it could be. Which means we also aren’t using it to it’s fullest potential. The outdoor furniture that’s currently there is what we came with from our previous home almost three years ago almost with a mixture of a few thrived items. The table breaking on the corner was a clear sign we needed to focus on this area.

I made the decision to either relocate, sell or throw away (hello broken table) everything that was in this patio space. The only thing that will be staying are the large flowers pots but they’ll be getting a makeover as well. With a blank slate, I started sketching out a general layout of everything we want to incorporate in the space. Here’s what we ended up with:

I’ll be working with IKEA on this project so right away I started looking through their outdoor furniture and home decor. I knew I wanted to stay underneath a certain budget which was very possible. Here’s what we ended up going with along with a lot of their home decor included. I’m so excited to share all of it with you when the big reveal happens!

This week will be full of assembling and decorating our new outdoor patio space. My goal is to make it an extension of our home. Look at it like an outdoor living room, kitchen and dining room area. It has been so under used the past few years and I want to change that! Plus, I’ll be adding an abundance of outdoor plants to turn it into our little oasis as well. Nothing like escaping in your own backyard. Stay tuned!!

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  1. Was there/wasn’t there a program you were using to plan the space and layout? Or did you just sketch it out on your computer and place things?
    Thanks in advance!

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