Fall and Halloween Front Door Decor

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Fall is officially here, which means bring on the pumpkins, scented candles, and fall decor! The first place I decorate at the start of every holiday season is my front door area. Fall gives me a reason to create two different front door setups: one for fall and Halloween. 

My approach this year is to be minimal yet impactful. I’m working with a smaller space since we don’t have a front porch, so it’s more like a stoop. This will be perfect for those with a smaller space and a larger space since I’ll be showing you how to decorate just around your door.

Last year I headed to Home Centric to create a fall and Halloween front porch setup (which can you can see here), and this year I headed back to grab a few new things to do the same. I love how I can find some of the best holiday decor for up to 70% off, which allows me to keep this budget-friendly while getting everything I need.

This year I knew I would use a few items from last year mixed with a few new things this year. Here’s what I knew I was looking for heading into Home Centric:

  • Faux pumpkins
  • Planters
  • Rugs
  • Fall decor
  • Halloween decor

The great thing about the holiday home decor at Home Centric, you can find holiday items for any style. For example, you can find the spooky Halloween decor (like mummies and skeletons) or the fun Halloween decor (like adorable witches and signs with cute sayings). This year I decided to go a little spooky for Halloween and to incorporate many pumpkins and flowers for fall. Let’s dive in! 

Halloween Front Door Decor

Halloween is a favorite in our household, especially with our toddler. So you know the Halloween front door is up first. It’s adorable and spooky all at the same time and toddler approved!

Skeleton Planters

I knew I wanted to incorporate flowers because it’s one of the best and easiest ways to incorporate fall color while filling space. As soon as I saw these skeleton planters at Home Centric, they landed in my cart immediately. I can’t get over them! It’s a spooky touch that isn’t scary. Plus, those purple flowers coming out of the top of the planters give this space even more Halloween vibes.

Faux and Real Pumpkins

Not wanting to take away from the skeleton planters, I decided to keep the flowers simple with this setup. Instead, I incorporated a mixture of faux and real pumpkins. It is the best of both worlds when you mix both. You get a few real pumpkins while saving money mixing in the faux since you can use them year after year.

I found a few at Home Centric that look real even down to the way they sit. And you’ll also notice another faux pumpkin that’s a bit more abstract but still works because of the color. I started with the large real and faux pumpkins and then mixed in the tiny pumpkins. I love the carefree look they have, like they are spilling over versus being too staged. 

Front Door Mat and Rug

Working with the Halloween theme, I found this black and white striped rug for only $12.99. This one isn’t an outdoor rug, but I’ve learned a pressure washer will clean just about any rug, which gives me more rug options. And right on top, I placed the “hey there pumpkin” doormat that I found last year at Home Centric. Just enough spook. Just enough cuteness. 

Additional Decor

I knew I wanted to up the spook factor and placed faux spider webs and spiders along the jasmine trellis to the right of the door. And then paper bats I cut out of scrapbook paper on the wall to the left of the door. Being that both are black, it works so well with the overall decor. I love how it looks like the skeleton planters realize what’s now beside them. I also added a wreath that I already had. I kept the wreath neutral to bring in a little warmth, texture, and to be able to use for the fall front door decor as well. 

Fall Front Door Decor

For the fall front door decor, I focused heavily on plants and pumpkins. It’s a way to bring in a lot of color and texture while keeping it simple with a significant impact. If you’re looking for a way to keep your fall front door decor minimal, here’s what I did.


All of the planters I used came from Home Centric. I’ve had some of the best luck finding large and small planters at excellent prices there. We all know how expensive planters can be. Instead of going the route of mums, which you typically see during the fall season, I opted to use other flowers in fall colors. Keep in mind that I live in Florida, so these flowers do well for my zone this time of year versus mums that barely survive.

Faux and Real Pumpkins

I kept the pumpkins the same from my Halloween front door set up for the fall one. I thought they were too cute to do anything different. Finding a way to use items for both also saves money. I did add two acorns into the mix to add to the fall look, which I also found at Home Centric. See how there is such a variety to choose from?

Front Door Mat + Rug

I switched up the front door mat and rug as well. I opted for a beautiful rust, red vintage rug with a doormat that reads “thankful.” I can’t get over the design and vintage look to this rug. I’m pretty sure I’m going to find a place for it in my home when not using it here. Here’s the awesome part, though: for both the rug and the doormat, it was $20 for both at Home Centric. I know, such a steal! $12.99 for the rug and $6.99 for the doormat. Have I convinced you yet that you need to find a Home Centric in your area?

I’m thrilled with how both looks turned out. Which one is your favorite: fall or Halloween? By approaching it with a less is more mind frame, nothing gets lost in either design. Also, less money spent gets you more decor at Home Centric, which allowed me to do two different designs while staying under a budget. 

I can’t wait to see how you style your front door area for fall and/or Halloween this season. Make sure to tag me when you do or if you head to your local Home Centric. I’d love to know the goodies you find there as well. Not sure if you have one in your area? You can find the closest location here, and you can also check out their Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for more inspiration. 

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