How to Style a Front Porch for Fall and Halloween

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It’s fall, y’all! And that also means it’s time to decorate our front porch for the new season. It’s pretty much my favorite thing to do when it comes to seasonal decorating and it’s never the same thing twice. Who else looks forward to decorating this part of your home?

Fall can be a little tricky if you also like to decorate for Halloween. There’s this awkward timeline of decorating for fall in September, Halloween in October, and fall again in November. This year I’ve decorated our front door area with a little twist to help with this. I found a way to decorate for fall and Halloween by incorporating decor items that will be used for both. Not only does this make it an easy transition between the themes but it also makes it budget-friendly.

Speaking of budget-friendly, I knew the perfect place for my fall and Halloween decor pieces: Home Centric. Their seasonal and general home decor selections are always great and at a price point that makes it possible to stay within a budget. I spent the other day browsing their selection and came home with everything I would need to help create both my fall and Halloween front porch.

Here are the decor items that can easily work for both fall and Halloween that I kept in mind while shopping:

  • Planters
  • Lanterns
  • Doormat
  • Faux pumpkins
  • Wreath

Home Centric had just about everything that I was looking for and several items that gave me so many great ideas! I grabbed a few real pumpkins to mix in with the decor and headed home to start styling both my fall and Halloween front porch designs for you to see. You’re going to be amazed at how a few simple changes can make such a huge difference! Let’s kick things off with our fall front porch first!

Fall Front Porch

Faux and Real Pumpkins

It’s a given that a fall front porch will include pumpkins. This year I did a mixture of faux and real pumpkins. By incorporating them together, some of the faux pumpkins even started to look real! I found a few faux pumpkins at Home Centric that look like cement and others that were gorgeous colors and textures.

Wooden crates

While browsing the aisles, I grabbed these two crates. I decided to flip them on their side so I could display the pumpkins as I layered them in the crates. This allowed me to incorporate quite a few pumpkins while not taking over the entire front door area.


Now, let’s chat about the planters. This year I wanted to avoid using mums which is why you don’t see a single one. And let’s be real, living in Florida the heat zaps them within a week. Instead, I used these planters I found at Home Centric for our spring front porch design and went with a variety of flowers paired with a snake plant. The purple, green, and white colors of the plants tie in beautifully with the fall decor!

Fall Lanterns

My favorite find at Home Centric were these modern black lanterns. I knew immediately these would become a staple item for the front porch designs and can be used in my home when not used on the front porch. I placed white candles in them to soften the space a bit and mixed them into the decor.

Additional Decor

To complete the front door area, I layered my doormat with a rug and added a neutral fall wreath. Originally, I picked out a doormat that can be used for both fall and Halloween but ended up getting a different mat for each when I realized they were only $6.99! If you’re trying to stay within a budget or make things easier, find a doormat that can work for both.

The final look of our fall front porch felt very whimsical when walking in and out of our door. It welcomes guests as they walk up and gives us all the fall feels as we walk out of our home. But right when we’re getting comfortable, it’s time to turn this front porch into a Halloween theme.

Halloween Front Porch

By re-using a few of the items, it took 10-15 minutes to transform our front porch from fall to Halloween. With some of the items staying, it was also just enough changes to create a smooth transition while creating a totally different look. And can I just say, I love how it turned out. I do believe this year I love our Halloween decor more than our fall with the front door space. Here’s what I did!


The planters were the first thing that I knew had to stay. Anyone else think they look like a witch’s cauldron? Not only do the flowers work for fall, but the deep green and purple colors tie in beautifully with Halloween.


The black lanterns weren’t going anywhere as well! Like I said before, the sleek black design of them work perfectly for fall and Halloween. But I did find these orange World Market candles at Home Centric that helped me switch things up a bit.


Snuggled within the flowers of one of the planters, you’ll notice a cute yet spooky crow. That’s when you’ll probably spot the second one on top of a lantern. These Home Centric finds added a spooky element to our front porch and inspired the cut-out crows covering our front door. I’m telling you, this design is my favorite and the crows have a lot to do with it!

Side table

I spotted this black and white side table at Home Centric and knew right away it would be perfect for our front porch. The colors and design scream Halloween yet was an unexpected item to use. This table replaced the crates that were used for the fall front porch theme.

Additional Decor

Remember earlier how I said I couldn’t stick with just one doormat? Well, here’s the other one! I shared this doormat on my Instagram stories the other day and everyone flipped out with the price tag of $6.99. I had no idea these are $30 other places! But what I do know, is that it’s the cutest doormat for our Halloween theme. If you only want to use one doormat between the two porch designs, this is the one that will work with both!

The wreath also stayed with how great it tied in with the Halloween decor. I’ve gone with spookier wreaths in the past but I love how this one brightens the space in a way. As for the faux and real pumpkins, they were also scattered throughout the front porch to bring the entire space together.

That, my friends, is how you can create a front porch for fall and Halloween while using a lot of the same decor. I’m pretty excited about how both turned out. Even more excited that it will only take me a few minutes to transform my front porch as we go from fall to Halloween, and then back to fall for Thanksgiving.

I can’t wait to see how you style your front porch for the fall season! If you’re local to the Central Florida area, my go-to Home Centric is the one in the Daytona area. Otherwise, check here to find the closest one near you. It’s worth the trip when you can find home decor up to 70% off the original price. Happy decorating, my friends!

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