DIY Broom Parking Sign Tutorial for Halloween

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As Halloween approaches, it’s time to add a touch of whimsy to your decor with a DIY broom parking sign. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the steps of creating a charming and slightly spooky sign that reads, “Broom Parking, Others Will Be Toad.” This eye-catching piece is perfect for welcoming trick-or-treaters and setting the stage for a magical night. So, grab your broomstick and let’s get started!

DIY Broom Parking Sign hanging on a hall.

What You Need For this Broom Parking Sign DIY

Displaying DIY Broom Parking sign and witch brooms by your front door for Halloween.

How to Make a Witch Broom Parking Sign for Halloween

Step 1: Paint the wood sign.

Begin by selecting a wooden sign that suits the size and style you envision. Consider using reclaimed wood for a rustic look or opt for a smooth surface for a cleaner finish. Lay the sign on a protected surface and apply a base coat of black spray paint covering the entire sign. Ensure an even and thorough coverage and apply a second coat if needed. Don’t forget to get the sides and the back of the sign depending on how you’ll be displaying it.

Spray painting a wooden sign black.

Step 2: Paint the wooden letters.

While the sign is drying, it’s a great time to paint the wooden letters. You can go with any color you’d like, but for a classic look, I went with white. And it contrasts so well against the black.. Lay the letters on a surface protected from paint overspray, then spray an even coat of white paint over them. I used cardboard as my surface to paint on.

Spray painting wooden letters white.

Another tip is to place a small piece of painter’s tape on the back of each letter so they don’t go flying when you spray them with the white spray paint. Allow the letters to dry completely before attaching to the DIY broom parking sign.

Using painters tape to secure wooden letters down before spray painting.

Step 3: Attach letters to the sign.

Once both the sign and letters are dry, it’s time to put the sign together. Lay out the letters on the sign to determine the positioning. You want to make sure they’re centered overall on the sign and level. Once you’re happy with where they are, use wood glue to attach each letter securely to the sign. A little bit goes a long way! If it helps, use a q-tip to dip it in the glue and then apply to the back of each letter. Take your time to ensure the letters are straight and evenly spaced.

Applying wood glue to wooden letters to adhere to wooden sign.

Remove any excess glue seeping out from the sides of the letters or on top using a clean q-tip. Place a book(s) on top to apply some pressure to the letters so they can fully adhere with the wood glue. Allow the glue to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions found on the back of the bottle.

Attaching wooden letters to a sign.

Step 4: Hang the sign.

How to Display Your DIY Broom Parking Sign

With the letters securely attached, it’s time to find the perfect spot to display your creation. For my DIY broom parking sign, I displayed it right by our front door using these Command picture hanging hooks. I also paired it with my DIY Witch Brooms hanging directly below it using command hooks as well. It helps to create the perfect whimsical, yet spooky entrance to our home.

DIY Broom Parking Sign by front door with other Halloween decor.

Where to Display Broom Parking Decor

Depending on your preference, you can also hang the sign on a door, a fence, or even a tree branch. Use picture hangers, nails, or outdoor-friendly adhesive hooks for easy and secure installation. Indoors, you can display it on an entryway wall using command hooks as well with the brooms hanging below it. Or use it on a console with the brooms leaning against the side of the console. So many options with this DIY broom parking sign.

Command hooks for pictures attached to the wall.
Hanging a wooden sign on command hooks for pictures on an outdoor wall.

Broom Parking Sign Alternatives to Try

If you love the idea of a broom parking sign to add to your holiday decor, there are so many other variations you can try as well.

Different Colors

Experiment with a variety of colors to match your overall Halloween theme. Consider dark purples, eerie greens, or haunting oranges. Choose colors that complement your existing decorations.

Alternative Sayings

Swap out “Broom Parking” for something that goes more with your style and theme. Here are a few ideas:

  • Witch Parking Only
  • Parking for Wicked Witches Only
  • Witch Please, Park Here
  • Broom Parking – Brews and Potions Loading

For the subtitle, or pun, along the bottom you can try:

  • Beware of Brooms
  • Hocus Parkus
  • Spells in Progress

Get playful with the wording to reflect your Halloween spirit.

Different Shapes for the Sign

Give your sign a distinctive silhouette by opting for a different shape. Consider a classic pumpkin shape for a more traditional Halloween feel. Alternatively, go for a witch hat shape to add a touch of magic to your decor. Unleash your imagination and choose a shape that resonates with the overall theme of your Halloween decor.

DIY Broom Parking Sign Others Will be Toad

You’ve just conjured up a bewitching “Broom Parking, Others Will Be Toad” sign to enchant your Halloween decor. This DIY project not only adds a touch of humor to your home but also showcases your creativity.

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