Three Ways to Easily Transform a Bedroom

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Usually when we think about transforming a space in our home we start seeing dollar signs. Big renovations and complete overhauls can get very expensive but it doesn’t have to be that way. I recently shared with you how to get clean paint lines every time especially with a dark paint color. But that wasn’t the only thing I did in our master bedroom.

I took on the challenge to transform our bedroom for under $200 and the before and after speaks for itself.

What began as giving a wall in the master bedroom a fresh coat of paint, turned into sprucing it up with a few other decor pieces to complete the makeover. Here are my top three ways you can transform a space in your home while on a budget. You’ll also find the link to all the items I used at the end of the post.


I feel like this is an obvious one but I can’t say it enough. Paint is the most budget friendly way to instantly transform a space. Especially when you go with a deep, bold color paint color. This was obviously the biggest change we had our in master bedroom by going with Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams. Honestly, I never looked back after rolling on the first little bit of color.

When going with a bold paint color, determine if you want to paint the whole room or just an accent wall like we did. I also factored in how much sunlight we get in this space (which is a lot). Narrow it down to 2-3 paint colors and get paint samples of each one to test. Enjoy this process because it truly is so much fun to see your space completely change just by painting a wall.


Switching up your pillows and a blanket on the end of the bed is also a budget friendly way to switch up the feel and look of a room. I used to run around between Target, HomeGoods and World Market looking for the perfect pillows. Usually that only works when I’m not looking for a pillow. So to save a headache, time and money, I turned to Amazon.

I found all three of my pillow cases at affordable prices and they’re great quality. The best way to switch up decorative pillows in your home is by using pillow cases. You can easily store them, they don’t take up a lot of room, you can quickly switch them out and they’re more affordable.

Either adding or changing up your blanket is also a great way to change the look of the space. There’s something about a blanket at the end of the bed that makes a bedroom feel cozy! For our blanket, I went with a neutral color so that it would go with the wall color and whatever pillows I picked out. It’s also easier to find a neutral blanket when shopping at your favorite stores versus shopping online.


I didn’t always do this but wish I had done it sooner: adding greenery. Adding that touch of greenery through the use of houseplants will instantly create a balanced, welcoming space. It can take a room from feeling too cool with colors to a warm space with that one simple addition. I already had our fiddle leaf fig that fit perfectly in this spot of the room (which I may have to switch out for this faux one due to sunlight).

But I wanted a little more greenery while also bringing some decor. I’ve always wanted to try hanging planters and knew this was the perfect opportunity. I ordered these terracotta hanging planters and hung them on the right side of the room. It not only balanced the plants in the bedroom but also makes you look across the entire room as you walk in.

They are the cutest thing and urge everyone to try some in their home! I added pathos, a very easy houseplant to maintain, to each one. I’m looking forward to seeing them grow in the coming months!

I spent a grand total of $175 on paint, pillows, a blanket and hanging plants. I took my time to shop around and find some of the best deals which you have the best luck with shopping online. I can’t believe for that price I completely transformed this room into a cozy oasis that we love! Sometimes we forget these little changes can have a huge impact in a space. I encourage you to try switching a few things up in your home this week. You’ll be so glad that you did.

Here’s where you can find the home decor I used in this refresh.
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    I was wanting to know where the bed frame is from! Thanks!

  2. Margie says:

    Loved your budget Reno master bedroom make over.

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