Playroom Mood Board and Design Update

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Our home is forever evolving into our personal home style and what brings us joy. That even means rooms that have already received a makeover, just might be revisited again. That’s exactly what is happening with our playroom. It was the first room we focused on when we moved in three years ago. Needless to say, I’m itching to get my hands on it for an update. 

Here’s what it looked like when we moved in and then what it currently looks like:

The current design and look of the playroom is not bad at all. We have thoroughly enjoyed it the past three years. But my main goal with this revamp is to make it functional and more of my toddler’s fun personality. Currently I feel like it’s a place to store away all the toys versus being a space that can actually be used to its fullest potential. Here’s what I’m planning for the playroom when it comes to the decor, design elements and my favorite part: the paint colors.

Some of the current decor will be staying, but a lot of it will be going as we DIY our way through the playroom design. One of the biggest changes you’re going to see in the space will be the use of the Benjamin Moore paint colors. I picked a few of Benjamin Moore’s 2020 Trending Colors along with a few others mixed in. The colors we’ll be using are Thunder, White Heron, Cushing Green, Warmed Cognac and Black Beauty.

I’ll be heading to Ace Hardware this week to pick these paint colors up to get started. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am! If you’d like to see more of the design plans, inspiration for this space, and paint tips and tricks from Ace Hardware, head here to my Pinterest Board where I’ve been pinning away. Make sure to tune in to Instagram as we show you behind the scenes of the process and check back here regularly for the how-to and reveal posts.

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  1. […] Some people say the best way to design a space is to start with the rug. For me, it’s the paint. For this playroom makeover I challenged myself to pick out a few colors from Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2020 Palette. It includes 10 harmonious hues that range from saturated to bright and airy. Basically, the best of both worlds. These colors are stunning colors on their own or if they’re paired with one another. So which ones did I go with? My final choices were White Heron, Thunder and Cushing Green. I also threw in Warmed Cognac and Black Beauty as additional colors by Benjamin Moore. Look at how gorgeous this color palette is for the playroom! You can also see the design board for this space here.  […]

  2. Breanna C says:

    I love Cushing Green. I’m adding some greens to my 6 year olds room and that is such a pretty color!

  3. Deborah says:

    Thanks for posting in Pinterest. Very easy to save these! Which ACE hardware do you use….I live in the same area. Thanks!

  4. Sarah Chaney says:

    Loving that warm cognac color. It is my favorite color to wear, but I never thought using it as an accent color! Excited to see what you do with the playroom!! ????❤️????????

  5. Shante says:

    I can’t wait till this room comes together. I love all the colors together, it makes the room open for the whole family. Your making my get into gear for my own kids playroom lol.

  6. Jennifer Henry says:

    Love the Cushing Green! I painted my boys bathroom Chimichurri by BM and need something lighter for the laundry room and Cushing Green would be perfect!

  7. Lindsey Roellig says:

    I love all the colors but the Warmed Cognac is my absolute FAV!! I can’t wait to see how the space turns out!! ❤️

  8. belinda soto says:

    Loving wrought-iron! Its such a strong color and would go so well with your color schemes throughout your home. Lovvveeeee!!!

  9. McKinnley says:

    I love these design choices and paint colors. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

  10. Jessi M says:

    That Cushing green is amazing!!! I’ve gone from being drawn to all the gray to being drawn to more color and my home is starting to reflect that!

  11. Zoraily says:

    How to choose??? I can’t! Haha!
    I love drama colors so I’d say wrought iron,warm congnac and thunder! (Or all of them ????)

  12. Divya says:

    I am in love with crushing green.. so fresh ????????

  13. Bri Mechelle says:

    That Warmed Cognac is giving me LIFE hunny! It brings it all together! Such a cool inspiration! I’ve never painted before ???? but I’d love to paint my sons room. He’s 3 and he loves trucks so much! Trying to put ideas together!

  14. Taylor says:

    Been loving the burnt oranges and terra-cotta tones lately so my vote is definitely the warm cognac!!! Would LOVE to see what your creativity can do with this color!

  15. Lizzy says:

    So good! I want to be brave enough to use that wrought iron!

  16. Lindsey S says:

    That Cushing Green is so good!! Excited to see how you use it.

  17. Jessica says:

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the wrought iron!!

  18. Desirae says:

    Can’t wait to see how the wrought iron is used!!

  19. Katie says:

    I love the Cushing green!! And the warmed Cognac reminds me of leather. So beautiful

  20. Kimberly says:

    Liz, I’m not a “Green” person at all but that Cushing Green is beautiful!! And the Wrought Iron is gorgeous!!

  21. SUJEILY says:

    That warmed cognac is EVERYTHING!

  22. Kim says:

    I knew a color like Cushing Green would be part of the design! I can’t wait to see it all come together.

  23. Liz H says:

    Loving the Warmed Cognac color! Can’t wait to see it in action! The whole color pallet is amazing and inspiring!

  24. Stacy M says:

    I absolutely love the Cushing green and wrought iron!!

  25. Jessica says:

    Wow. This color palette is beautiful. The warmed cognac is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how you use all of these colors. Yay!

  26. Beverly Oddi says:

    Ahhhh. Crushing Green May need to make its way into my bedroom!!! I find green to be a hard color to love. Too minty and it can be too childish, too deep and you’re in the forest. Can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

  27. Maggie says:

    Looove where you’re going with this room!! The cognac and wrought iron are to die for!!! So excited to see it all come together!

  28. Lorie W says:

    Love the color combination. This room will be colorfull, playful, and beautiful. Looking forward to the progress.

  29. Linda says:

    That is such a great color palette! I live all the colors!!! Can’t wait to see what you do.

  30. Carole says:

    Love the cognac and Cushing green colors! Can’t wait to see the final project.

  31. Kristen says:

    Looks great, and I love the added pop of warm cognac color into the scheme!

  32. Jennifer says:

    You are so busy in this room. Can’t wait to see the final (is anything final on decorating!?!) outcome. The warmed cognac catches my eye as a color off of the “normal” palette. It’s intriguing and works as well as one of the color combination you chose. Perhaps it wins in the “most unique” category!

  33. Kristen Bacon says:

    It’s going to be so cute! Can’t wait to see the whole project, and that Cushing green is ???? all the heart eyes.

  34. Shelby says:

    Loving this desigm cannot wait to see the reveal ????

  35. I love them all! Wrought Iron is one I will use soon! The Warmed Cognac is lovely too, it’s like a beautiful leather :). As always, your ability to choose the right colors to coordinate is impressive.

  36. Ana says:

    I am loving the colors. They are motivating me to put some similar ones in my laundry room. Do you think having different color in my hallway (blue gray) would not look well with a olive green?

  37. Amanda says:

    Thunder and Cushing Green are my 2 faves!

  38. Whitney says:

    I love the warm cognac! The tones in my home are very dark and moody and seeing this color has sparked my creativity! And my urge to have a drink 🙂

  39. Wendi Carter says:

    I am loving all of these colors…but all the heart eyes for WARMED COGNAC!

  40. Wendy says:

    Love the earthy colors! I may need to try these in my dining room. ????

  41. Jacqui says:

    I’m also digging the warmed cognac color. Guess if you can’t get a leather piece of furniture that color you can use that paint color instead!

  42. Maddie Baker says:

    This design board looks amazing! I am LOVING the Warmed Cognac color. I definitely would like to find a room in My house to incorporate it. I can’t wait to see the finished room.

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