Black and White Interior Paint Color Ideas

Explore all the colors used throughout my home to inspire your own black and white interior color palette.

The question I get on a daily basis, especially when posting a new photo of space, is “What paint color did you use?” I love it when I get this question because I know what it’s like to see a space that you love and just have to know the paint color that was used. Mainly because it’s the color you’ve been looking for but just didn’t know until that moment.

Our home has gone through a lot of changes and projects over the years, but using a modern black and white interior color scheme has really helped all the spaces feel cohesive. If you’re looking for a timeless interior, a black and white themed house could be right for you.

So, here’s our complete guide/list of all the paint colors we’ve used in our home. We’re covering everything from paint for trim, baseboards, interior and exterior doors, cabinetry, furniture, and walls.

This can either help you finally decide on a color or make you realize you need to go a totally different direction. As we continue to turn our house into a home, we’ll also continue to update this paint guide to keep everything fresh and up to date as well. Enjoy and let us know if you end up using any of these colors!

**It’s always best to test a paint color in your home first. Colors can vary from home to home depending on many factors.

Our Interior Paint Colors

Interior Front Door Paint Color

Black Magic by Sherwin-Williams
Wall color- Cloud White by Benjamin Moore

Black Magic is a deep, true black that adds a timeless yet bold pop to our front entryway. I especially love the way it looks alongside our black-trimmed windows.

Front Living Room Paint Color

Cloud White by Benjamin Moore

Cloud White is a warm off-white paint color with yellow undertones. It looks really rich and creamy on the wall but also keeps this space feeling light and bright. 

I absolutely love this color! We used it in a few more spaces throughout our home (which you’ll see below) and even painted our exterior with Cloud White!

Main Living Room / Breakfast Room Paint Color

This is a gorgeous gray paint color that has been discontinued but luckily I have the formula which you can find here. If you don’t want to make a custom paint and risk it not looking right, you can explore some of my other favorite gray paint colors that are similar.

Trim, Baseboards & Interior Doors Paint Color

Extra White by Sherwin-Williams

Extra White is the most popular trim color in the United States. If you buy a new-build home, there’s a really good chance your trim will be Extra White. Many older homes also feature this white trim color. This is a cool, crisp white that is really versatile, so it looks good with just about any paint you use in a black-and-white interior color scheme.

Toddler Bedroom Paint Color

Accent wall – Current Mood by Claire Paint
Other walls- Whipped by Clare Paint

Current Mood is a deep, moody green paint color that is a wonderful addition to a black-and-white interior color palette. It’s dark enough that it doesn’t feel out of place in an otherwise simple color scheme, but still adds a fun pop of color to this space.

Guest Bedroom Paint Colors

Lower portion of walls- Dark Olive by Benjamin Moore
Upper portion of walls – Simply White by Benjamin Moore

I love that our guest bedroom features similar colors to my son’s bedroom without being an exact match. The Benjamin Moore Dark Olive wall color is a deep green that is slightly warmer and more colorful than Current Mood by Clare Paint featured above. 

Benjamin Moore Simply White is a warm white paint color that is cooler than Cloud White but still keeps a space feeling welcoming and won’t look too cold.

Guest Bathroom Paint Colors

Walls: Whipped by Clare Paint
Door: Irony by Clare Paint

We used Whipped by Clare Paint on the walls of this guest bathroom. This is a warm white paint color perfect for North-facing rooms with cooler light but it can also work well in just about any space. I love the classic, spa-like feel this color gives my bathroom!

For the guest bathroom door, which leads out to the pool area, we used Irony by Clare Paint, a dark charcoal gray. I love that this aligns with our black exterior doors but isn’t an exact match. It’s a great way to add some dimension to a black-and-white interior color palette!

Modern Guest Bathroom Reveal || Within the Grove

Master Bedroom Paint Colors

Accent wall – Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams
Other walls – Pure White by Sherwin-Williams

The master bedroom is another place where we continued our black and white color scheme. We painted an accent wall with Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore behind our headboard and I absolutely love this bold look. Iron Ore is a softer black than SW Black Magic, so it’s perfect for a warm and cozy bedroom space.

SW Pure White is a warm white paint color that keeps the room feeling bright even with the dark accent wall.

Playroom Paint Colors

Board and Batten – Extra White by Sherwin-Williams
Upper portion of walls – Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams lightened 50%

Our playroom has changed a few times over the years, but this board-and-batten look continues to be one of my favorite renditions of this space. 

We used SW Extra White for the plywood board and batten to be consistent with the trim in the rest of the house and then painted the upper part of the walls with Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige that we lightened by 50%. Learn more about how to lighten paint.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Upper cabinets: Extra White by Sherwin-Williams
Lower Cabinets: Outerspace by Sherwin-Williams

We kept our black-and-white interior color scheme going in the kitchen. Our upper cabinets are painted with SW Extra White and the lower cabinets use SW Outerspace, a deep charcoal gray with cool undertones that looks beautiful paired with the crisp upper cabinets.

By using a dark paint color for the lower cabinets we were able to add more visual interest to the kitchen without making the whole space feel dark.

Laundry Room Paint Colors

Cabinets: Outerspace by Sherwin-Williams
Walls: Greek Villa by Sherwin-Williams
Stenciled Floor: Greek Villa by Sherwin-Williams and Peppery by Behr

We continued the cabinet color from the kitchen into the laundry room to create some consistency within our color palette. We also used SW Greek Villa for the walls in this space, a beautiful warm off-white that also became the foundation for our painted tile floors.

Entryway Herringbone Wall

Pure White by Sherwin-Williams
Large planter: Peppery by Behr

The picture below is an older version of our entryway paint colors, but still a version I love! You can see our interior front door wasn’t yet painted black and our windows didn’t have black trim yet. Still, our black-and-white interior palette was going strong!

We used SW Pure White for the herringbone accent wall in this space and added a bold pop of deep color with the large DIY planter box, painted with Peppery by Behr.

Entryway Gallery Wall Paint Color

Mount Etna by Sherwin Williams

This accent wall is one of my favorite paint colors in the house! Sherwin-Williams Mount Etna often looks black, but it’s actually a very deep blue. The blue hues become more apparent when there is a lot of sunlight in the space, making it a beautiful shade to add color to a black-and-white color scheme.

Dining Room Paint Color

Cloud White by Benjamin Moore

We continued with BM Cloud White in our dining room. By using this color in the main living room and in the dining room, it helps the main level of the house feel very cohesive.

Exterior Front Door Paint Color

Door: Naturalist Gray by Behr
Door trim: Arcade White by Behr

Our exterior front door is painted with Natural Gray by Behr. I love that it’s a softer version of the black-and-white color scheme that’s inside the house. It’s also a great foundation for seasonal decor, wreaths and natural greenery.

Office Door Paint Color

Black Locust by Behr

Our home office also has an exterior door that needed to be painted. We went with Black Locust by Behr and are so happy with the result! This is a slightly darker version of our exterior front door. I love that it’s not an exact match but still helps the outdoor space feel put together and intentional.

Garage Paint Colors

Walls: Greek Villa by Sherwin-Williams
Garage floor: Slate Gray by Behr

When we completed our garage makeover (complete with a painted garage floor), I knew I wanted to have a simple and bright color scheme in this space. We used SW Greek Villa for a warm white paint color on the walls and used Slate Gray by Behr for the painted floor.


In addition to the paint colors used in our black-and-white color palette, I often get asked about my favorite stains for the wood projects in my home. I’m sharing all the stains used throughout my home below.

**Remember: Stain colors will vary depending on the type of wood you apply it on. Check out my full guide to different stains on different types of wood.

AC Cover / Trash Can Storage Unit

Baja Beige by Sherwin-Williams

This stain left the wood a really light, natural color that I absolutely love!

DIY Faux Floating Shelves

Flagstone by Varathane

This DIY faux floating shelves for my linen closet are easily one of my most viral projects ever. You can use any kind of stain you love, but I used Flagstone by Varathane.

DIY Doormat

Flagstone by Varathane

I used Flagstone by Varathane again for this DIY wooden doormat project. I love the way this stain color looks outside!

Wood Slat Wall

1 coat of Weathered Oak by Minwax
1 coat of Fruitwood by Minwax
3 coats of Pickled Oak by Minwax

It’s not often that I mix different stain colors together, but in this case I was looking for a really specific color for this slat wall. I absolutely love how this turned out!

Bathroom Vanity

Special Walnut by Minwax

Special Walnut stain is one of my favorites. It’s a really rich color that is darker than a lot of the other stains I use and adds a lot of warmth and depth to this room.

Entertainment Center

Briarsmoke by Varathane

Briarsmoke is a really unique stain color. It has some gray tones in it, so it creates a slightly weathered look that aligns well with the Seattle gray wall paint in this room.

Kitchen Floating Shelves

Flagstone by Varathane

I continued with Flagstone stain for the floating shelves in my kitchen. I purposefully made all the shelves in my home the same color to add some consistency to the design.

Playroom Shelving Unit

Special Walnut by Minwax

Because the walls in this space were so light, I wanted to use a slightly darker stain for the wood shelving unit we have in this room. Special Walnut was the perfect option!

Design Your Own Black-and-White Interior Color Scheme

Feeling inspired by the paint colors in my home? Before you go create your own black-and-white themed house, it’s important to follow a few simple steps for creating a color palette unique to your home.

Here are some tips to help you craft your own:

  • Start with Inspiration: Gather inspiration from interior design magazines, websites like Pinterest, or even real-life spaces (like my home!).
  • Understand Your Space: Consider the size, layout, and natural lighting of your space. Black and white can make a room feel larger and more open, but it’s important to balance these colors appropriately.
  • Choose Your Dominant Color: Decide whether black or white will be the dominant color in your palette. This choice will significantly influence the overall feel of the space.
  • Consider Shades and Tones: Black and white come in various shades and tones. Experiment with off-whites, grays, and charcoals to add depth and dimension to your palette.
  • Accent Colors: While the focus is on black and white, you can introduce accent colors to add interest and personality. Try bold hues like pops of blue, red or yellow or go for a more muted, understated look with moody greens like I used.
  • Test Samples: Before committing to a color scheme, test paint swatches and fabric samples in your space to see how they look under different lighting conditions. Don’t skip this step! Just because a paint color looks good in my home doesn’t mean it will work for yours!

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